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  1. Kelly Greer

    Glasses Glare

    I thought it seemed bigger in the original, so I tried to match it, but I'll try it smaller and see if it looks better. Thank you for the suggestions!
  2. Kelly Greer

    Glasses Glare

    Passable? Maybe needs some burning (your method) on the edges?
  3. Kelly Greer

    Glasses Glare

    Apparently my way too late at night attempt at editing the reflection made that blurry spot. ::rolls eyes::
  4. Kelly Greer

    Glasses Glare

    I know. The good news is she was REALLY happy with the rest of her gallery.
  5. Kelly Greer

    Glasses Glare

    This one's rough. I actually have 3 of these photos that have glare like this (what glasses did she buy?!), but 0025 is the best of them, with a 700x700 crop of it. I've attached a couple other photos I have with no glasses/without glare in different lighting and with different head angle. And just in case they'll help, I'll include 24 & 26.
  6. Ok, feel free to tell me I shouldn't even HAVE 3 open windows in Bridge, but - I usually have 3 open windows. Current session I'm editing, next session I'll be editing (so the thumbnails are ready to be culled without waiting) and my "black & white" folder where the BW conversion images go and then are renamed and moved to the current session folder. That being said - in CS6 and CC, when I restart the program (or computer), only one window reopens. In CS5 and CS4, it always reopened all of my 3 windows. Is there a setting to adjust this? It may seem trivial, but anything that saves me a minute is worth it with 2 kids running around making chaos. Thank you for your time. (and also thank you for teaching me that I don't need to use finder at all! I also figured out that I can move files straight from Bridge into my online gallery! More time saved!)