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  1. I have finally got this sorted, thanks to a Windows tip that sent me in the right direction. It was accessed through the padlock icon In the address bar, where you can stop videos playing automatically on the particular site, if anyone else ever has the same problem.
  2. It didn't help and I'm at a loss, but thanks for trying.
  3. I will try it this evening. Thanks.
  4. I'm having difficulty with playing the class videos on my Surface tablet - they used to work properly, but now they don't. When I click to the next slide to watch the video, I get audio, but no visual [sits at the opening part of the video - I can see that]. If I click the start button to play the video, it starts, but runs in competition with the one already started. They work on my desktop PC but I'm at a loss as to what has happened on the tablet PC. Any ideas? I guess it's a problem from my end but I have no clue where to begin.
  5. I finally got it - after much anguish and hair pulling. So then I had a glass of wine. In case someone else has problems I had to update Adobe Application Manager before I could do anything. So, flushed with victory, I decided to also fix my husband's. He uses CS4 and after updating AAM, I discovered Bridge Home has been put to the sword so had to download the new Bridge. And that works too. Now I have exhausted so much mental energy I've had enough for one evening!
  6. Thanks - I've given up for the moment. I will try again tomorrow night.
  7. Thank you - that confirms it's an Adobe issue. I have been panicking. Much appreciated.
  8. Yes - that's the next thing. Get a message saying Adobe servers are down. Is this a frequent occurrence, and likely to rectify itself, thereby fixing my problem when it allows an update?
  9. Windows 10 was old OS, with CS6; is now latest version Windows 10 Pro.
  10. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. I have read 'Help my raw files won't open' and that makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that until I moved to a new computer a week ago, I could open all the raw files, but now I can't. So there is something lost in translation between the two computers - do you have any idea what that missing thing might be so that I can get going again? I noted your comment about using the DNG converter as a last resort - is there a downside to that? Does it make any difference to the image? Should I be concerned about that if I can't get it sorted any other way?
  11. susied


    Absolutely it was. It was a reflex shot! Thanks for confirming.
  12. susied


    May I have a focus check on this one please?
  13. I have to agree with you Tom! I was at a workshop thing yesterday, and the presenter showed us a portfolio that was used to get a qualification from one of the photographic societies. All I could see was halos, excessive vignetting and really over-worked photos. Some people love that stuff but thank you for teaching us all to make our photos just look beautiful and the best they can be, even if they might leave a bit to be desired as raw material (speaking for myself here).
  14. Thanks Brian. No, that didn't work but I was able to get it through EOS Count.
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