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  1. Solved! The PS updated had failed, so the Bridge couldn't open PS. :-)
  2. AAAAAAAAAHH! I updated CC Bridge yesterday and now, when I have finished raw work and click Open Image, it opens in Picture Gallery instaed of PS. Please could anyone tell me how to change tit back? Many thanks in advance :-( Tom
  3. My assistant helping me with the DIY WB sheet.
  4. Couldn't really see where better to post this. Having "graduated" from Raw and Levels into Skin, I just want to thank you for the difference you have made to my work. The only downside is that I now find myself scrolling through the photography groups I belong to on FaceBook , sucking my teeth and muttering stuff under my breath such as "needs more contrast" "dear heaven, what *have* you done to those eyes" etc etc.
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