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Gone to the farm for the weekend.  I'll still be answering questions, but much less frequently than usual.  Thank you for your understanding.  Damien.

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  1. - what I was trying to say about the blue in the flower. I didn't see colours inside of colours before. Sorry for all the confusion.
  2. Damien, a lot is going on here. In Ontario we are in a deep lockdown. (I am not sleeping for reasons you don't want to hear.) My computer got moved. I forgot to recalibrate. I updated to Big Sur, a lot of weird stuff happening. Finally, I think I never viewed individual colours in this way before. So... I recalibrated - it is better now (brightness was off). The photo in the browser is tiny, when I dragged the corners of my file to a tiny size the colours seemed to compress visually, into the smaller size. My file now looks like the browser with the blue in it. I actually didn't realize how much blue was in the flower. But that is the point of the exercise. I will post to the editing section of the website until I have something worthy of moving to the next part of the course. It might be awhile before you like my work. This is all new to me (obviously).
  3. Yes it is much bluer on the top of the flowers in Safari than on my screen.
  4. Oh dear that is terrible. It sure looked different on my screen. Too much blue.
  5. The article was by Macpaw. Is that true that Clean my mac x is ok to use? An Apple genius told me to remove it before. Just want to ensure there is no conflict of interest.
  6. Ugh. Thank you Brian for your comments. Well there is nothing I can do now except uncheck automatic updates. (Which somehow got magically turned on.) Sigh... We are in a min of 28 days serious lockdown. Apple store is in a mall and malls are closed. Plus the Apple store's city it is in is a hotspot and no where I want to go. Unfortunately, this is not something for me to do on my own despite probably having a time machine back up of Catalina. Thank you for the reply. Happy Holidays.
  7. Apple store (closest) is a 100 minute drive ( one way). Not happening in a pandemic and in current lockdown.
  8. Hi Brian & Damien My iMac has been acting up. My hubby bought it for me (a surprise) for my birthday in 2019. (He consulted with someone and ordered it special from Apple). It had been working great until it automatically upgraded to Big Sur. Now I get what seems like daily updates etc. etc. It is a (hold my breath) 21.5" iMac. (I have read your 2020 posts about 21.5" iMacs; too late to turn back now). Details attached. Since I updated to Big Sur the fan runs ALL the time. Also the system seems to take about 8-10 minutes to boot up. (I shut down when I am done each time). Also PS doesn't run so well any more, it also takes a long time to boot up along with Bridge. Both freeze if I open too many photos at once. I am running PS CC 2021 and Bridge 2021. With the exception of internet and mail I don't use this system for much else. How can I fix the fan and speed things up again?
  9. just ordered spyder x pro. thanks for the info
  10. you mentioned upgrading the calibration software. what do you recommend in 32 bit for Mac? might as well do that while I wait.
  11. Hello Brian, for those of us using Photoshop CC on an iMac, can we update to Catalina yet?
  12. Thank you. I think that I have it right finally. I would have never guessed that 2 ticks was the monitor working right.
  13. No I missed that. I will try.
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