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  1. Its ok, I figured it out myself. I was mixing things up. Confusing file sizes (in MB) with pixels in the photo. I remembered another lesson by you about making your own cropping tool based on your camera's features when you don't know the size the client will print and it all clicked. Thanks again.
  2. Or am I confusing pixels and file size bytes?
  3. I assume that this decision is made on the raw unedited file before editing? (Don't actually crop just make the decision because once you add layers you add pixels?)
  4. Great article. Not the best photo here by any means, but the child is in the frame at the appropriate size. This marquee is over 7million pixels. I will print it out and keep it with me so I keep the children in the frame at the appropriate size. Thanks again. In actuality I would crop wider to get the holiday backdrop also in the photo. (And because you say to crop loosely).
  5. Hi Damien, I hope you and your family are well. Crazy times we live in... I was wondering about work process and flow. I have friends and family coming this weekend every 30 minutes to do some Christmas photos in front of a printed backdrop. I will have my camera on a tripod with a flash on the camera. I will also have set up side lighting (left and right) and a light above and behind to cut out shadows. Now sometimes I will photograph the whole family so the picture should be horizontal landscape. After the family group is done the parents may want a photo of just a child. When I am photographing the child, my instinct is to turn the camera sideways to capture more in the frame. But when I do this the flash is now to the side which makes the lighting is all wrong in my set up. So my question is shooting in raw with the camera in horizontal landscape position, how much do I give up in the photo (pixels) by shooting a picture of the child that will eventually be cropped vertically into a portrait, so as not to mess up my lighting, camera position etc. These are rapid sessions every 30 minutes, so time is a factor. (Most of these photos will be going on Christmas cards and maybe an 8" x 10".) I sure hope that was clear. Thank you for your time.
  6. Hi Brian, I just turned on my computer and loaded my Mac and got this message. What do I do?
  7. Hi Damien, how would someone go about trying to recreate the style of these images? https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10158028733672096&set=a.10150967123652096 Here is a screen shot incase the link doesn't work. If I did this wrong please let me know what I should have done to credit the artist.
  8. Can't make the change. Thanks for the info. It was helpful.
  9. ok I am probably going to ask the dumbest question ever.... I have downloaded the trial 2021 PS Elements. Where is the adobe bridge? when I google "free adobe bridge" the CC comes up. Does this CC version of Bridge work with Elements and PS CC (and is it free)? I am most likely missing something clearly obvious but can't find it.
  10. Ugh not sure I can make this adjustment. Thank you for your time Sir. I do appreciate ALL your help.
  11. I am rereading Levels from the Elements perspective. Would you say the biggest (obvious) difference is the lack of the Quick Mask?
  12. I should have phrased that better... If it don't edit video is there any benefit to having Premiere Elements?
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