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  1. HI Damien, I recently updated my computer and got a new iMac. I have calibrated and after doing your raw class, I think I need new test prints. I know there is a link somewhere telling us how to choose test prints. I was hoping if you didn't mind that you could share that with me. My current test prints are old and I know know the WB is awful. My prints look great on my screen but my test prints not so good.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am sure that I read this somewhere in one of Damien's articles but for the life of me, I can't find the answer. I think I should run some new test prints from my printer and I was wondering.... for the 5 prints what would be a recommended good variety of photographs.
  3. Hi Damien I remember reading that you have a perfect room in your home to do your editing (an old sound room).I have read your article "The light around your computer" but I am wondering, if a person was starting out setting up an editing area for the first time, what other features do you recommend? e.g. Wall color? Other equipment, desks etc. What is the perfect way to design a space and realizing that fire code requires windows. Thank you.
  4. Sorry to be slow to reply. Life keep you busy. Anyways it seems that if i sit with my back to the wall, I have a problem. If I sit (the table is round so this isn't an issue) with my back to the window (Light from window is indirect and diffused) everything works fine.
  5. The room is a problem. Sigh... I sat today in an unlit room with my back to the window and compared monitor and prints. I also took my prints outside. Luckily I had the test shots printed with a white edge so I can see that this edge changes as I move around the house. Overall, I would say that my prints are slightly more yellow and a touch less red. I will review your calibration notes and contact x-rite if necessary. Thank you for the tips. Desk Lamp will be my last resort...
  6. I am glad that I am not alone in my uncomfortableness with this... Other rooms yes, but the lights in the other rooms are definitely yellow. (learning a lot about lighting through this..) I will take them outside in the daylight tomorrow. 11:40pm here right now.
  7. BTW I have an order for a really big print with lots of colour. 3 ft by 6 ft - so I want to get this right using the print sharpening class.
  8. I am sitting directly under 3 bulbs in the ceiling. Ceiling height is standard 8 feet. The paint on the walls is a very light and soft sand colour which maybe part of the problem. We are making a plan to have some rooms painted in the house, I would change this area to white paint, but in the meanwhile - the desk lamp seems to fix the issue of how the sample photos appear; it is ok to have the light so close to the sample photos?
  9. I calibrated my new mac book pro with retina display (new because Apple replaced the old one). When I got my test photos out, they looked yellowish. This has been an ongoing problem for me with calibrating and the lighting in my house. I have changed all the bulbs to 5500K but still the photos look a little yellow. So I bought a desk light with a very white LED light. When I shine the light on my photos (they are flat on the table) they match the screen. Is it ok to use this review method due to the restrictions of my home? I really cannot go to another room or change anymore of the overhead lighting.
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