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  1. Yep, had to take the brightness WAY down! I think I'm close enough!
  2. And do I turn the overhead lights off? So just the monitor is the only light?
  3. Oh and I wasn't sure what kind of monitor to put so I left it at the default of wide...your instructions say most are standard... how do I decide?
  4. Not all of it. haha I looked for the elite specific page earlier and couldn't find it! I know I probably need to get new bulbs in this room... just haven't been venturing out to far these last few months. Shall I try again tonight, or wait till morning?
  5. I just did. But when it gets to the brightness "match" stage, I had to really up my brightness to get it anywhere close to the number asked for on the screen
  6. It's not that it's horrible or anything. I just think my prints are darker...
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