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  1. Got it! Awesome. Thanks Damien!
  2. SOOR Let me know if you want me to switch over to the Raw/levels posting area
  3. Hi Damien, Any idea how I can fix her hair at the back besides some really careful cloning?
  4. So I need one with the sun behind my subject. My customers never want to have their sessions early morning or late evening so I don't think I have any. I may have to go outside next sunny day and take one
  5. How is this one? My edit. And my attempt at matte.
  6. lol here is the screen shot of the particular one I am interested in finding out about.
  7. Yes that's what I did, it brought over the whole album.
  8. I can't seem to, it's from facebook so it's pulling the whole album.
  9. I tried it again with an image that has a darker background. What do you think? I added a solid colour layer then masked most of it off and took even more off of her.
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