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I'll be away for most of Thursday (Aussie time) (approx Wednesday evening USA time). So sorry about the short notice.  I'll catch up on all posts when I get back.  Damien.


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  1. How does it look? I moved the sun back up, do you think it's high enough that it wouldn't be spilling on them? I also added the rays.
  2. Okay, here's my go at it. I toned down the red to an orange. I also added a hue/sat layer to all but the people to make the fall colours pop a little more. How does it look? Can I make the flare have a little more of a starburst effect to it? Just something subtle.
  3. Yes, I have. I can only find the top box in your screenshot, not the bottom one. How do I get to that one? Edit : Nevermind, I found it Thanks.
  4. Okay, I'm stumped. How did you make that gradient fill layer like that? I know how to add a gradient fill layer, but I can't figure out how you got it that colour and on an angle. I know I can just copy the layer on to my own photo, but I'd like to know how to do it myself too.
  5. Hello! Here is an example of the type of sun flare that I would like to try on this photo. What do you think? https://m.facebook.com/FlorabellaActions/photos/a.374377016661.154136.168699921661/10152810608421662/?type=3#_=_
  6. Okay, how does this look? I'm a total liquify newbie, and did have to start over a few times, but it isn't as scary as I thought!
  7. I'm here for help to close that darn eye that kept wanting to peek at what was going on!
  8. Just kidding, I lied. It's not SOOR, the raw edits are done and also some edits in PS. Sorry
  9. This is SOOR, but I'm guessing I didn't get all the noise?
  10. Can I remove or lessen the glare on her glasses? I've looked through other glare questions on here and can't seem to figure it out!
  11. One more question, would I do my cropping and sharpening for print before adding the overlay?
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