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  1. I can't seem to link from the fb page, not sure how. Here is the link to her blog. There is a similar photo 6th from the bottom of a dutchunt. (Can't link directly to photo either) I do not have a similar photo. But I was just wondering if this is the achieved with the quality of lens or if photoshop helps in some way. I don't now how els to describe is but as a diffused glowy background. Even on some of the other photos you can see it clearly. If you're not able to help me without a photo I'll take one soon and get back to you. I've attached a photo that might be more simmilar to the photo 17th from bottom If that helps. http://scruffydogphotography.com
  2. It's almost like a diffused glossy look. Its so vibrant and smooth.
  3. Hi Link to photographers fb page https://www.facebook.com/scruffydogphotography/ I was wondering how to achieve that very smooth background. Is it all in the lens?
  4. I didn't know that. Have only ever used Photoshop before. Thank you for clearing that up. 😊
  5. Oh... Thank you so much for the advice. I actually assumed Elements would be the less complicated program to work with.
  6. I'm curious. I've been searching the web for hours without luck or any clear answer. When creating photoshop actions, how do I know/test if it will work on all photoshop versions? Do I have to own all the versions and manually test them? If so, can I somehow still purchase them? Or are there resource sites I can visit displaying the differences in versions?
  7. Hey! See link attached. I don't have a similar photo and don't really want to try and copy her style exactly. But I do like it and would just like your opinion on it for educational reasons. I know most of it has to do with the lighting, but what goes into the post prosessing of such a photo? It looks like maybe playing and accentuating the highlight and shadows, but what els? I thought maybe your trained eye might have some ideas?
  8. Hey How does one know when to use duplicate background and when to use new layer?
  9. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Will read it just now.
  10. Thank you so musch. Sorry for the trouble. Lesson learned... I'm probably gonna break a posting rule now or something. I hope not. But could you tell me if this setting is correct? Just saw it when browsing through the menus and was wondering if it plays an important role in how I view my photos?
  11. Actually it says Untagged RGB (8bpc) at the bottom of my screen where I selected Document Profile...
  12. So it just hit me like a tonne of bricks... I opened one to check check and they are all RGB profile... Duh... Sorry... Can I Convert these to sRGB and reprint? Or would you suggest I use my own photos. I just don't have any decent skin color photos I can use and that's sort of important to me.
  13. These are the proofs supplied by Datacolor/Spyder4 which is on their CD. I'm not really a photographer myself and the photos I do have are limited to pets and a few landcapes, so I thought using their proofs especially the one for skin color would make sense and give me an accurate representaion of color. Wrong?
  14. Hey... I'm struggling to get my screen to match my prints. On my skin color test print there is a slight yellow, greenish tint to the photo on screen. On another photo of different colored peppers the reds are slightly a different hue and more saturated. Also on a landscape photo the green grass is also a different hue. The black and white is close enough. And a landscape photo of a late afternoon sunset with yellow grass in front is also very close to matching. Its soft pink and yellow colors. nothing vibrant. I have a iMac calibrated with a Spyder Pro 4 with your method. Gamma 2.2; White Point - Native; Brightness Native 107. Any suggestions? I used the photos proofs supplied by Datacolor and asked my lab to make sure to not make any adjustments to them.
  15. Wow, thank you for the very detailed reply Christina. Really appreciate it. Now it all makes sense.
  16. Hi Damion/Guys I'm a little stuck. I've got prints from my usual lab but what I can't seem to understand is: These phosos were edited on my uncalibrated screen and then printed. Now I should calibrate and compare those prints to my current callibrated screen? And it should almost match? I don't understand. Isn't the calibrated screen supposed to be different (better) than the uncalibrated one? How can I then compare it to photos edited and printed on the uncalibrated one? Sorry if this a dumb question. But I can't seem to get my head around it. Thanks
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