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  1. Hi Brian. Sorry for the delayed response. So basically Apple said it had to of been my apple id that was compromised. I'm chewing really hard on that one, but they assured me it was the only way. I took the computer to iStore and the technician escalated the case with apple. The apple representative was very helpful. It took apple it a day to sort out whatever they had to for the iStore technician to get into my computer to be able to format it. Formatting was the only way to be able to us it again unfortunately. I also checked my other phone and iPad when I got home and soon as they connected to the internet they went into lost mode as well and asked for a pass code and had the same fake mail address at the bottom. (Which is basically just the message you can add in "Find iPhone" apps settings when you put a device in lost mode) I mailed the apple representative and she assisted me by telling me to go into my "find iPhone" app. From there I was able to get the devices out of lost mode at least. It is just the mac that works differently and can't be rescued from there. So they basically locked all my devices including a broken phone and iMac except my current phone. It's just such a nuisance, but now I've learned the hard way to back up ALWAYS...
  2. Thank you for all the help Brian. Will let you know what happened.
  3. Yeah... MacKeeper.... what would you recommend in furure I use as security? Def wasn't any porn sites 😂 and I don't really use cloud. Have all my important stuff backed up on externals and changed every password I could think off. Just a few important documents I might have lost now which is a pain in the ass, but lesson learned. Didn't back up on time machine...
  4. Brian you didn't perhaps see how they got access? I've been googling but not finding much. Its Sunday so can only go to the iStore tomorrow. And any chance they'll be able to retrieve any lost data after a format? Do you think it's a firmware problem? I update my security regularly...
  5. Thank you Brian. What a mess...
  6. Thank you Brian. What a mess...
  7. Thank you Brian. No absolutely nothing. I don't want to update I'm still using CS6. I was busy working and the computer literally just restarted by itself and then that message came up. I've never ever had it ask me that and can not for the life of me remember if I did a two-factor password setup ever. I'm sure I didn't. Will phone them monday... what a nuisance really.
  8. Hi B I was working on my imac and then it just restarted out of nowhere and now it wants a passcode I dont know wich is apparently only numbers. What the hell happned??
  9. I can't seem to link from the fb page, not sure how. Here is the link to her blog. There is a similar photo 6th from the bottom of a dutchunt. (Can't link directly to photo either) I do not have a similar photo. But I was just wondering if this is the achieved with the quality of lens or if photoshop helps in some way. I don't now how els to describe is but as a diffused glowy background. Even on some of the other photos you can see it clearly. If you're not able to help me without a photo I'll take one soon and get back to you. I've attached a photo that might be more simmilar to the photo 17th from bottom If that helps. http://scruffydogphotography.com
  10. It's almost like a diffused glossy look. Its so vibrant and smooth.
  11. Hi Link to photographers fb page https://www.facebook.com/scruffydogphotography/ I was wondering how to achieve that very smooth background. Is it all in the lens?
  12. I didn't know that. Have only ever used Photoshop before. Thank you for clearing that up. 😊
  13. Oh... Thank you so much for the advice. I actually assumed Elements would be the less complicated program to work with.
  14. I'm curious. I've been searching the web for hours without luck or any clear answer. When creating photoshop actions, how do I know/test if it will work on all photoshop versions? Do I have to own all the versions and manually test them? If so, can I somehow still purchase them? Or are there resource sites I can visit displaying the differences in versions?
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