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  1. Yes I'm here. I'm just overwhelmed at the moment with sessions and stuff going on with my kids so I haven't had much time to play around with it. I have a couple of sessions I'm currently working on and so far haven't seen it happen again, so no new issues to report.
  2. Nothing concrete yet. Between sessions, my kids field trips, etc. I've barely been home the last two days to work on this. As I'm going through new sessions from this week though, I'm paying a lot more attention and I'm actually going back to it being a computer issue. If I'm in ACR and editing and click to a different picture, the lag time is awful. I thought it was better after all the changes I made, but it's probably closer to 5 seconds on this new session I'm working on. I'm starting to wonder if I close an image before it's finished loading, if it's showing the image in Bridge as it looks when I closed it, not as I actually edited it which is why it looks different when I reopen it and it loads. I'm not 100% sure on that but I can't seem to figure what else would cause it and I haven't caught it doing yet with these new sessions.
  3. I have to run off to a session but I'll dig deeper into it myself to see if I can figure it out. I was outsourcing my editing for over a year, and I can literally see it happening in the first session I started editing myself again. But it's in less than 25% of the files and as I mentioned somewhere over the last couple of days, if it happens once, it happens in all the files I would have batch edited together. The following session I don't see it once. Then the next session I see it a little bit again. The session I've been posting here I would say I see it in less than half the files, probably closer to 25% again. So yeah I don't get it or what could possibly be in there that would make Bridge show the image brighter than it actually is or why it isn't happening consistently. I know back in the day you had a beer fund or something, right? Let me know if something like that still exists. I appreciate all your time and help the last couple of days.
  4. Thank you. So based on that answer, when I strip away all editing, my raw file matches in Bridge & ACR as well as matches my jpg so that's pretty telling. Yes I used my wretched preset ?. I was just trying to reedit it again to see if it would come back and it did. I reset everything again and edited by hand with no preset, closed ACR and opened it again and it didn't do it for the first time. So I guess I found the culprit finally. It confuses me since it's not doing it to every file or every session but clearly there's something going on there.
  5. I'm not sure of anything at this point. I'll spend some time investigating it and see if I can figure something out. I had a few minutes this morning though and played around with the file I've been using mostly for this. Reset all my editing, closed ACR, opened it back up and reedited again, and seems to still have the same issue. So opened it back into ACR again, reset everything back to the unedited raw file and closed ACR. opened it again and I do not see it darkening at all. I saved a jpg to see if they would match and it's almost identical except for one little spot. I took a screenshot of them side by side for you to see. If you look at the tree on the upper right corner that goes over the horizon line into the sky, the leaves on the raw file are more blown out where on the jpg they aren't. Does that mean anything or is that normal? Because otherwise the raw file and jpg actually do match now. Also, my images look blurry now in Bridge. I remember having this issue years ago and had switched something that you mentioned back in your facebook group back in the day but cannot remember what it was and I obviously reset that setting yesterday. Do you know what setting I need to turn back on?
  6. Which part? The exposure bump? Just the troublesome ones. The rest of them look edited, take a few seconds to load, and don't change at all.
  7. Okay, switched it and purged the folders. All the raw files look unedited. When I click on them, it does change to look edited so yes it is doing that. However it's different from what I see in ACR because when I first load ACR it looks edited but with about a +.20 exposure bump if that makes sense. The highlights are more blown or something. Then it loads and the image darkens.
  8. Alright @Damien Symonds I have a little bit of time. Any new ideas for me to try?
  9. Yes it is. I even double checked after I did the reset, just in case. This is giving me a bit of a headache and I have some errands I need to run so I'll be back in a little bit if you have more questions or ideas to try. I appreciate all your patience trying to figure this out.
  10. Yes basically. I see the raw files in Bridge. I click to open them in ACR. When they first show in ACR they look as I see them in Bridge but I see the yellow exclamation point triangle in the right corner of the image so I assume it's still loading. About 2 seconds later, the triangle disappears, the histogram shifts to the black, and my image darkens. At this point the raw file matches my jpg's.
  11. Yes only one screen, although I've wanted dual monitors. Maybe one day. I purged the entire cache and they still don't match ?. I deleted the jpg files I had made previously and resaved the raw file just to be sure but the raw file and the new jpg still are not matching.
  12. I didn't necessarily think that. I just assumed by doing a factory reset it would have wiped everything and was worried I didn't do something right. So should I go ahead and just purge the entire cache then?
  13. Yes I got that box and clicked the top one. Should I have clicked all three or was that enough?
  14. Sorry, it took me forever to get that option to pop up. I clicked to reset Bridge's preferences and looked at the session. They still don't match! It still has my workspace saved though. Did I do it correctly? I assumed that was going to be wiped out.
  15. Wait, wait, wait! I'm wrong! When I opened the Raw & Jpg into ACR I thought they weren't matching but they are! I was clicking back and forth quickly and didn't realize it was reloading the raw file everytime I clicked back. If I click slowly and give it about two seconds, the Raw file & Jpg are matching in ACR. They just aren't matching in Bridge. Do you still want a screenshot? Sorry! It wasn't making sense to me so I tried again.
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