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  1. Family Walk

    Is this one okay?
  2. Mom Sideways

    Will this one work?
  3. With Dog Focus Check

    Hi - Will this one work? ISO 640 f 8.0 1/160 Thank you
  4. Family Pose

    Okay, thank you.
  5. Family Pose

    No, I have 3 that are good focus of the whole family. I usually just provide more than that so am going back through to double check I have nothing more. The siblings shots and individuals all I have enough that are in focus. I have never messed up a session like this before. ugh,
  6. Family Pose

    Okay last one I am trying to save from this family session where I messed up my settings and shot everything at 1/100 when I normally don't shoot that low. It's just the whole family images that I am struggling with . . . Thoughts?
  7. Soft Focus Family

    1/100. I try not to shoot below 1/160 but somehow for this whole session it was at 1/100. I am so upset with myself. I knew something felt offf but didn't stop and take a minute to figure it out. ISO 1000. My f stop was too high as well. Settings just all wrong.
  8. Soft Focus Family

    Hi - Help again . . I struggle with pixel peeping with family photos . . . I am use to seniors and close ups where it's easy to see OOF vs sharp focus. I just read your article on pixel peeping . . . is there a general rule of thumb though for family photos at a distance? I don't want to throw out good images because I am viewing too closely. What about the attached? 700x700 crop . . . my shutter speed was too slow compared to what I usually shot at plus had backlit situation. Before I throw it out I just wanted to double check. Noise is also an issue here . . . It's bascially SOOR but appliled a bit of noise but not enough yet.
  9. Soft Focus

    Nuts, that's what I thought but love the image so wanted to double check. thanks
  10. Soft Focus

    Attaching the 700x700 crop. Is this too soft focus to be useable? I love the image but don't want to get bit if they love it too and want it bigger than a proof print.
  11. B_glass glare 2

    Here's another one as example with the glass glare. Is cloning the only option for glass glare?
  12. B_glass glare

    Is glass glare like this even fixable? I tried numerous attempts to fix this during the session but no matter what I did his glasses had glare. I don't know how I can possibly fix this in every image . . .
  13. Sun flare from blue dress

    so post in RAW group?
  14. Sun flare from blue dress

    Hi - Is there a channel mixer I could apply to the bottom of her dress to remove the lighter sun flare? I know the one that cups the bottom is probably too far gone but could i remove the lighter one that arches from the broom up to her wait and back down?
  15. Hi - My current workflow is to load images into LR catalog, using their tools to cull through and select the images for editing. I then do the RAW processing as I learned in the "old" RAW class. I then jump into Photoshop to do any necessary work and back to LR to have them all saved there and then export, etc from there as needed and required. I have been reviewing the new RAW class material and following along with new edits I need help with . . . my question is I understand that the RAW class will help me process once I get there but I need help in understanding the workflow from images on the card to the point of ready to process in ACR. Do you have a tutorial on that? Seriously it took me a chunk of time on google to even figure out how to open an image in ACR and it's so putsy that there has to be easier way. Thanks