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  1. Hey Damien - back at this editing setting up thing.... I want to make sure my color space is correct before I get back into things: This is what I have right now: My only question is photo 2 and 4 - 2 still says RGB at the top left and photo 4 say don't color manage this document (is that correct?). It's been so long I'm starting over again and I can't remember what this all said before.
  2. I did some research and read about this monitor - grrrr. Anyways one of the posts mentioned doing 80 Luminance so I did that with all the other corrections. I think we're closer. but I forgot to screen shot the target/achieved when it was done...oops.
  3. because I read your instruction wrong - will adjust once it gets dark this evening.
  4. well if I am honest I don't see much of a difference with the new profile. I feel the screen is still brighter and the photos have more red then the screen.... Here's what I have right now. Should I change my screen to the GB-LED like this article mentions? https://www.xrite.com/service-support/poor_results_with_i1display_pro_on_mac
  5. Okay I did it your way. One thing I was doing wrong was on page 2 the 2nd dropdown I was using the default and not what you recommend -version 2 so I corrected that. I'm stick with this for now.
  6. no because X-Rite put out something about using the new iMac retina screens and their profile so I was tweeting off theirs. I'll try yours instead. They wanted the monitor to be GB-LED - do you have an option on that
  7. okay I did a custom. I don't feel there's a huge difference but I'm just at the point I will deal with it. I got my luminance down to 89 when I tried for custom 90.
  8. should I leave my setting the same tho - the monitor type and the luminance ? or change them back in 2013 I have this : and 2015: (same)
  9. but I could be totally wrong. I will say they are spot on to the prints I have but close. Closer if I put my brightness down one more and a tad less red on my monitor then in my photos - suggestions? I hate calibrating. I found 2 other prices I used to use with my old computer - wonder if I should try those profiles?
  10. okay I think I finally got it! Had to change it to white led :
  11. oh I am going to pull my hair out. I changed it to 100 as my target, lowered my screen lighting so it was 98 and got this as my final: Is it still too bright since it is saying 119 as actual? If I'm still off any suggestions on what to put. my old Monitor was 2012 and I had this as my settings:
  12. yes and it seemed too bring. What number should I aim for?
  13. SueR

    Photo backup

    trying to revisit this topic and was looking at carbonite or back blaze since Crashplan went to small business only and it was really bad at keeping my files backed up anyways. Thoughts?
  14. I will, I'm calibrating my monitor right now....getting back into things. we had my inlaws in town, a death in the family, etc..... just getting back into things.