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  1. fwendly


    Was just wondering if any were possibly able to print larger than 8x10 I'll stick to that restriction
  2. fwendly


    I will attempt it, but not sure it is possible https://alissadeluccaphotography.pixieset.com/damien/ password = family
  3. fwendly


    I don't. I had to sub out the session. She is unclear what went wrong. Can I share a proofed gallery for your opinion on if I need to simply offer a reshoot?
  4. fwendly


    I am 100% steering toward canvas. My albums are 12x12. I assume I have to avoid all full page spreads.
  5. fwendly


    oh wow So much for the wall art they wanted. Going to post more. If anything is printable larger please let me know
  6. fwendly


    Thank you. Where do you think I should cap printing size?
  7. fwendly


    Desperate. Session was associate shot. May I post more in this link?
  8. Flipping isn't possible because of her hair all of them are like this. Thanks
  9. Is there any way to salvage this blown out side of mom's face?
  10. I don’t. 😫 I planned on just ordering from my vendor to replace for her. I just wanted to be sure the file I have would print clearly. I truly think she may have have printed from a compressed image.
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