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  1. I will give that a try, thank you!
  2. Would love some input on the best way to remove Dad's grass stains on his pants and possibly diminish the wrinkles in his shirt
  3. Thanks Damien. I figured as much. I have seen you work wonders on green and purple glares. Thank you for the reply. Enjoy your family time!
  4. Hey Damien. Finishing my last session of the year and of course I get terrible glare of Dad's glasses. Can I ask your recommendation for the best fix for this? Thanks a million. Hope you are enjoying time with family.
  5. I have never used the channel mixer before. It works amazingly... when you have Damien Symonds giving you the exact numbers you need lol
  6. No I have not done that yet. I was trying to get my raw processing on the right track
  7. Recalibrated. Images are a close match to prints. Tried the vivid workflow. Praying I am taking a step in the right direction and not 2 steps back. Thanks again
  8. So if I need to turn the screen's brightness down, then how do I handle it not meeting its lum target of 70 minimum. Sorry if I am missing something. I have been at this all day and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Thanks again
  9. OK thanks. I dad to up my brightness to 25 to get my lum in target range (78). AI put in all three overhead lights. I think my room is bright enough for my 10x10 space. I feel the color is acceptably close. Computer still seems brighter than my print. Any tips on how to proceed from here. Thanks so much!
  10. I lowered my brightness to 10. Lum target set to 80. When I attempt to calibrate my current value is 40, way shy of the 70 minimum. 😭
  11. Ok I will go lower on my brightness. Thanks Also I have the ability to custom set Kelvin numbers. Given how far off I am, is there any benefit in picking a number in between instead of the preset? I would assume I shouldn't introduce this variable?
  12. I tried to use my old Spyder 4Elite. When calibrating using your Spyder4Pro, current numbers achieved when set to 5000K and 6500K respectively were 5663 and 7612. I know you said you should achieve between 6-7000 or your monitor may need updating. I am using a new BenQ320 monitor. Are those numbers ok? If so do I proceed with calibrating at the 5000K present since it was closest? Also my brightness is already down to 15 and I still feel my prints are darker than my screen. Can I possibly have to go lower? Am I already too dark on your end? Thanks!
  13. OK I will try that now. I was using the normal flow chart. Would this purple fall into vivid colors?
  14. I am not sure how I missed this? I know it has been a while, but I recall all the materials referencing using the 2010 sliders. I must be losing my mind. If I didn't have so much work to do, I'd say it was Beer:30 I just double checked. My lights are 800 lumens each. The bulbs are 5000K instead of the recommended 4-4200. I have overhead lighting with 3 bulbs. I typically use 2 of the 3 bulbs (removed the one that shines toward the comp monitor). I did notice that my husband screwed in the third. I unscrewed it to see the affect. My prints seem to be a bit darker than my monitor (whose brightness is down to 15)
  15. Yes I was. Per my lab I set my computer to 6500K and 100 lum. I had to turn my brightness way down to match my prints. I know you said that there was little to do to adjust color with this calibrator. The lab recommended I adjust my Kelvin manually to match the color. I had to adjust my Kelvin down to 5200K to match the yellow tint in the images. Could that be my issue? (By your comments I fear I way more than marginally off 😫 Is it color, brightness, all of it?) I have 5 sessions to edit and am not sure how to proceed. With regards to resigning up for the class: you mentioned antiquated sliders in your last post, does the new class have info for new versions?
  16. Ever since switching my monitor and switching to a different lab I have had nothing but issues. I am at such a loss. Thanks for the help. I guess I need more education.
  17. I didn't mean any disrespect I am just upset with myself for apparently getting so poor with my workmanship
  18. I just want to drown my sorrows at this point. I have taken your RAW class and was using my flow chart
  19. Seems like my calibration didn't stick. Not sure what happened. Just reset and tweaked again. I deleted Palette Master and worked just with my Spyder X My prints from my lab are close, but appear a bit washed out in some areas and the blacks a bit crushed in others (on some images). I am not sure where to go from here.
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