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  1. I had spinal surgery a little over a year ago. The sessions and subsequent hours at the computer editing take a huge toll on me. I was hoping to outsource some of my editing to save the wear and tear on my neck 

  2. Hey Damien - not sure if this is the correct place to post. I am outsourcing a gallery and the retoucher edits in AdobeRGB (but can convert to srgb upon export).  I know you always say Adobe RGB is a no no. Should I find a different retoucher ?


  3. Hey Damien. Finishing my last session of the year and of course I get terrible glare of Dad's glasses. Can I ask your recommendation for the best fix for this? Thanks a million.

    Hope you are enjoying time with family. 



  4. So if I need to turn the screen's brightness down, then how do I handle it not meeting its lum target of 70 minimum. 

    Sorry if I am missing something. I have been at this all day and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Thanks again

  5. OK thanks. I dad to up my brightness to 25 to get my lum in target range (78). AI put in all three overhead lights. I think my room is bright enough for my 10x10 space. I feel the color is acceptably close. Computer still seems brighter than my print. Any tips on how to proceed from here. Thanks so much!

  6. Ok I will go lower on my brightness. Thanks

    Also I have the ability to custom set Kelvin numbers. Given how far off I am, is there any benefit in picking a number in between instead of the preset? I would assume I shouldn't introduce this variable?

  7. I tried to use my old Spyder 4Elite.  When calibrating using your Spyder4Pro, current numbers achieved when set to 5000K and 6500K respectively were 5663 and 7612. I know you said you should achieve between 6-7000 or your monitor may need updating. I am using a new BenQ320 monitor. Are those numbers ok? If so do I proceed with calibrating at the 5000K present since it was closest?

    Also my brightness is already down to 15 and I still feel my prints are darker than my screen. Can I possibly have to go lower? Am I already too dark on your end?


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