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  1. Thanks Brian, I bought both! It cleared enough space for the adjustments to come back so I didn't have to re-edit this set of images! I need to do some real backing up this weekend so I can get photos off my computer still, but it was a start. Thank you all!
  2. Well it says "Get your Mac the brand new duplicate finder. Gemini 2 saves even more space on your Mac: it finds duplicates, spots similar files, and cleans them all out. System Requirements: OS X 10.10+" Do you think it's safe/good to use?
  3. Do you recommend purchasing? It only cleared 500 MB for free. And should I "Add on" gemini 2". I am a little worried it might erase similar edits (MoriahBdaycrop.psd and MoriahBday2.psd for example)
  4. I have a Mac laptop running 10.10.5 and Photoshop CC. It is under 2 years old, and has 8GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 12GB free out of 250GB. The last time I shut down was more than 24 hours ago. I have never run a cleanup program.
  5. It's Photoshop CC. I thought maybe I needed to update, so I did. But it's still doing the same thing. To be specific, the new one says Bridge CC 2015, Photoshop CC 2015
  6. ACR keeps erasing my adjustments. Do you know why this might be happening? I always cull first by choosing the ones I will edit by giving them a 5* rating, then I edit. The first time it hid several files and I couldn't find them, so I re-uploaded them. Now for the past few days when I go back to finish editing, the adjustments and ratings are gone, so I keep having to start over. I tried to download the most recent update, but now I'm starting over AGAIN. Any tips/tricks? Thanks! Julie
  7. Ah, I finally got it to work. I moved the layer, which was throwing it off. Thank you!
  8. I was hoping for a guaranteed even look, but I will give this a shot.
  9. Damien, can you expound? I'm not sure what you mean.
  10. This one, I couldn't get her skin to not be blown without losing highlights (which made her face look flat and full).
  11. I forgot I never responded to this. I don't remember if I ended up just tweaking things until I liked it or following the flow chart. The shirt is chartreuse, not yellow, so the coloring bothers me. I also didn't like how flat looking it all looked trying to get the shirt to not be blown out.
  12. The Print area (within the white paper) is 8x12 if that helps at all!
  13. What would be the best technique for softening the edges of this to mimic this other piece? Thank you!
  14. I have an arm and a leg to give. I just want it done! I hate how things come out looking after following your steps in ACR. Which probably means I need the levels class. But I won't be able to do that all in one day AND edit, I suppose!
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