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  1. You have been very helpful Brian! Thank you! I did that optional update and things didn't get any worse. They seem to be fine, but I've said that before in this journey! LOL If it hits the fan again I'll start with Adobe. Thanks again!!!
  2. Is there a place I can check for a graphics card update? Thanks for all your help with this. It is so frustrating!
  3. Did that and everything seems to be working okay 🤞
  4. the only thing that's running through my head right now is "Aunty Em, I'm frightened!" Both of these or just the intel one?
  5. I clicked the check for updates and it said everythings up to date, so that part should be okay, right? and NEVER do the optional MSFT updates, ever (I haven't -- just want to make sure I'm understanding correctly!) I'm a little scared after your story! I'm not tech saavy enough to get it back if I get a blue screen of death 😬 You don't think it's a combo of all 3 fighting with each other (dell, microsoft and nvidia)? When I am in the settings and search for driver I see this: I also saw these for NVIDIA: Which should I uninstall or am I in the wrong place completely? Thanks for explaining all of this to me and helping me! Not a fun way to spend a saturday! lol
  6. Windows Update says it is up to date. I did look at the history and noticed NVIDIA last did an update in April.
  7. That found "no component store corruption detected. " I'll check windows update now. I thought it was sets to auto update, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm leaning towards it being a NVIDIA issue. When I started up my computer today I clicked on the NVIDIA settings icon on the bottom right of my screen and got this:
  8. sfc /scannow did not find anything. The dell diagnostics failed to complete - it stopped and rebooted my computer and a screen was open that said that.
  9. Just an update- the dell diagnostic is still running (about 3 hours now)
  10. Thank you! I will try those things after this diagnostic runs. Dell said it should take about an hour.
  11. I found that I can run a diagnostic test through the Dell website so I'm going to run that now...
  12. Yes I can open the command box. I hope it isnt a bigger issue ...2.5 sessions to edit 🤪
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