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  1. Can I get the psd for this one too please?
  2. Yes, but I can't leave the resolution field or the height field blank. They default to 1...
  3. Hi, I just upgraded to CC and clearly have no idea how to apply the crop tool to your wall guide tutorial (https://www.damiensymonds.net/2012/05/create-your-own-wall-guides.html)...Help, please!!
  4. Excellent!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
  5. Amazing!!! Could the left hand side be lightened a tad?
  6. Yes it looks good. I think the print looks more vibrant but it's very close. You made me paranoid, so I asked my husband how he felt about the test match too. Do you feel I should up the exposure on this photo?
  7. Just calibrated on Monday with a colormunki display. It did have me turn my monitor brightness down to 20 to get the luminance in the zone (white luminance set to 100). I followed your instructions, but it's possible I botched it. I have a dell inspirion laptop tethered to a dell u2412m. I chose white LED for technology type...
  8. Hello! I have been trying to fix my backdrop with gradients by watching your tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqAl2NxoBc4) but I keep fudging it up. Here is my SOOR, and what my image looks like with my gradient...Help please!!
  9. I checked the box. I like having all my icons on my monitor rather than on the laptop monitor. Thanks for the help!
  10. Thanks! Should I check the box next to "make this my main display" for the U22412M?
  11. Hello, I have my dell inspiron laptop connected to my dell u2412m monitor. Should I choose extend or duplicate in the control panel? They are connected via 15-Pin Blue VGA cable. Thanks!!
  12. Hi Damien, we are moving soon and the only room I will have available to edit in has 2 windows. One faces east and the other faces south. Do you recommend I get some sort of black out curtains for the windows so I can calibrate and edit properly, even during daylight hours? thanks!!
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