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  1. Hi D, these are all SOOC, but before i pick and choose my fav's from a shoot i wanted to know how i go about removing the leads...........my dog wouldn't stay still so i had to tie her up. but now i want to remove the lead. but i have never tackled anything like this before. If i find it too hard to remove i might just atleast change the lead to black so it doens't stand out so much. TIA.
  2. Thanks, what is the best way to blend better? i have never played with changing backgrounds before
  3. ok cool thanks ill give it a shot
  4. thank you, was hoping there would be a quick fix. what about shadows?
  5. Hi D, Ive read some posts about changing backgrounds, but still not to sure im understnding how to tackle it..wanted to post my pics, and ask if you could advise best method to extend background please. TIA
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