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  1. She suggests placing your subject in front of the sun, facing their shadow, so the light wraps around them. That's what I tried to do with these shots.
  2. LoL! Light and airy. http://katelynjamesblog.com/georgetown-engagement-pictures-dc-wedding-photographer/
  3. I'm really drawn to this look lately. Would one of these shots be one to try it with? http://katelynjamesblog.com/
  4. Yes. It's very annoying. I updated last week and everything was fine. Then suddenly this happened. I figured I'd accidently pushed something.
  5. I now have this with the open files visiable like I want them. I can go to view and add the actions but they are not attached to the right like they should and I cant see the minimize screen at the top.
  6. I can't get my screen mode to show my actions down the right and the list of open pictures along the top. I can get one or the other, but I need it in the same screen mode. Thank you!
  7. Is it worth switching from 2010 to an updated version? What's the benefit? Thank you!
  8. Well crap!! Now I see! I updated my ACR and didn't catch that. THANK YOU! Is this a typical Sony/Canon difference?
  9. I shot with two cameras: one Sony and one canon. The color and clarity difference is astounding as I'm processing. Is it really possible for the two to be so diffeent or have I missed something with my settings and loading? I hope that question makes sense.
  10. Not as glorious as the others but it's kinda cool. Is this something you teach in curves?
  11. http://www.jomcveyphotography.com/nashville-family-photographer I'd like to create an edit similar to this photographers. I specifically like the middle column warm colors.
  12. Is it possible to adjust the WB of a video once it's been shot?
  13. Thanks. I tried it and it still looks bad. Anything else?
  14. I'm not having luck with the color layer. The effect is too transparent I think. What else can I try?
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