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  1. Understand, Grasshopper?! I took the plunge and ordered from BL the minute I saw your concern about not having better backup, so I got my backup body in the mail JUST now - unbelievably lucky. The 5D3 was not available, and I was concerned about the learning curve of anything different this close to the date, so I got myself another 6D - but that way there is no learning curve. And I have another body. I live in a geographically isolated "big town" or "small city", however you view it, with a really rural attitude. Everyone is low-key... our claim to fame is bite-size steak and people (not me) say, "I seen" ... the venues I have shot at include tents and school gyms among other things - our fire departments don't even have ladder trucks to give you an idea. This does NOT mean I take a slacker attitude toward my craft (believe me, I'm already full of adrenaline) but it does help you understand the local culture I'm immersed in. 2 hours north in Spokane is the infamous Matt Shumate - I strive to be at that level even if I don't get to shoot at the Davenport. THANK YOU for the explanation of the 100... that really helps and I'll be re-reading and searching it out when I have more time. Thank you. Yes, this shit costs money. Keeping up really costs money. I can't thank you enough for your help and your friendly dialogue.
  2. Thank you, that is all great information. In order: * When I first started over a decade ago I was terrified I'd be one of those wanna-be's that suck and don't know it, so I can honestly say I think I've proven myself to be above "enthusiast", but I'm not dumb enough to think I don't have anything to learn. I think it helps that I did photography for awhile back in the "dark room ages" and learned to develop my own film, and then my college major was art. And I agree with you - since I charge, I had better be a professional. Bottom line, I feel confident that if you gave me an assignment, I could do it. * Yes, I do have the version II of the 24-70 lens because I researched it and found the same information you did about the version I copies. Whew! That was easy. * I'm looking into renting/borrowing another body to have at this wedding. I have a couple of possibilities. * Thank you for the tips on the 100mm! It is the macro version. When I got it, I wanted that length in a prime and the macro aspect seemed like a bonus. I now think I misunderstood it's purpose and it may have been a mistake (yike), but I'll look into Susan's work and stuff others have done with it before I give up. * I love the 5DmkIII, I will check into that and the IV. For the record, I never really saw myself as a wedding photographer, or I'd probably already have one... I get the comparison to the 6D. At the time I was struggling between the 5III and the 7D and then the 6D seemed to appear out of nowhere and it's lower price tag for lots of similar features was a huge draw. But you're right, the 6D is exactly a "bridge" camera. * And you're also right, I tend to make careful purchases that I keep as long as possible. I also waited to purchase until I felt I'd earned my upgrades by proving myself. I'm very annoyed with kids getting high-end equipment right out of HS and thinking that makes them awesome and starting up photography services with super cheesy names... but speaking of going off-topic on rants. if I get back into weddings on a large scale I will likely stay more up-to-date with equipment. If I get a 5III that would make my 6D a great backup body for events, I think? I do understand the limitations of the crop sensor on the 30D, believe me, so I will be actively searching for a full-sensor backup body for this weekend. * Thank you again for all of your time and such thorough information! I will be looking for the right category to post a lighting question next, since this wedding will happen in the same building with obnoxious constantly-changing combo of natural and tungsten lighting.
  3. Well... a moment silence then. I currently have a 6D and a 30D aside from the dead 5D Mk1. I looooove my 6D - it does everything I need it to and it's small (relatively speaking). For some reason my 30D keeps plugging away, do you know why it outlasted my 5D Mk1? Lenses in order of favorites: 50mm 1.4 24-70 2.8 L-series (on my camera most of the time) 70-210 (45-ish y/o old lens that still works great) 100 L-series 2.8 (I have no idea what to do with this lens) 24-85 backup wide-angle zoom. Edited to answer your last questions - I am a sahm and homeschooler, I charge for photography but I'm not sure what qualifies as "professional" - I set up a studio in my home when I need it, so I don't rent a studio. I mostly shoot outdoors, mostly portraiture, I specifically seem to be asked to do graduating seniors and families, and weddings which I haven't done in a couple of years because I tried to quit them. I like to shoot in the afternoon or late light. I DO have a flash I forgot to mention - and I use that at receptions or in really poor lighting, but I need (need!) better education with my flash. Rather than adding to my gear bag, I seem to have whittled it down to some essentials that I know really well. So I will be doing a wedding on the 4th and I'll have my 6D with the 24-70 (and sometimes the 50), my 2nd shooter (my adult daughter) will have my 30D with her choice of whatever I'm not using and I'm mildly nervous about not having a backup body, so I may see about renting. I rarely do weddings anymore, but it continues to be a demand and either way, I'll always want equipment that can keep up, so thank you for taking interest.
  4. Hi Brian, I hear you are the go-to equipment guy. I have an older Canon 5D that simply isn't turning on. Yes, battery is charged, and when I put the battery in, the little red blinking light appears acknowledging the battery, but without the camera turning on I'm at a loss as to how to further trouble-shoot. I realize it could be at the end of it's life, however I have a 30D still going strong so I'm reaching out to see what you recommend. Please know that it's 11:20 p.m. my time (USA) so I am headed to bed now but I will look for a response tomorrow. Thank you - Laura Miller
  5. Whoops... this must be the issue? Do I simply un-check actions then? Do I need to do this over, or will my saved images have survived?
  6. I followed your instructions and batch-saved some pictures for the first time on a new computer (Windows 10), and this "warning" popped up every other picture. Is it important, and if not, is there a way to get rid of it?
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