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  1. I have added you, you will be able to see it now.
  2. Hi David, I emailed you yesterday asking for your username. Now that I have it, I will add you. Thanks Kim
  3. Correct, I didn't. I didn't think of rotating a shape. #latenightbrain
  4. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. Here is the image. Once I had rotated some of the individual images, I wanted to crop some of the images, eg crop in tighter. Is there a way to do this when it has already been rotated?
  5. Hi Damo. I have placed a few images, and rotated them using the "handles". I now want to select a portion of an image, to "trim" the top and bottom of the photo. I would usually use the marquee tool, and apply a layer mask. But as the image has been rotated, I can no longer do this. Is there a way around it somehow?
  6. Aha, thank you, that first step enabled me to drag select again! Thanks! Sounds like it might get rid of those annoying circles too. I googled myself silly trying to fix the drag select! Thank you Mr expert.
  7. I used to be able to touch the pen to the tablet and drag to select text. This no longer works, any ideas? I have the tip set to click, the upper side switch set to right click (hover), the lower side switch to pan/scroll. I have updated the driver, and restarted the computer. Windows 8. Thanks!
  8. NVM, closed file and reopened, and it's working.
  9. Hi Damo. I have an edit where all of my levels layers have the RGB drop-down greyed out. Any idea why it's greyed out?
  10. Very weird. The black eyedropper just isn't working. The white one does exactly what it should.
  11. Yes black is what I want, it wasn't doing that. I'll try luminosity when I am back home, thanks.
  12. Yes, that's fab. What did you do? Shouldn't the black eyedropper turn that area black rather than just changing the colour?
  13. Hi Damo. I thought to make the bricks black, I could use the black eyedropper in levels, but all that does is change the colour of the image. How can I make it black, and preserve the colour and brightness of the hair? 100% crop
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