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  1. ive got the brightness under control now. i cant quite get the vibrance to match but i may need to just keep that in mind when editing. you were saying to turn down the brightness to help with that but it's all the way down.
  2. i mean on my laptop ive got it all the way down.
  3. Ok D, I bought a new calibrator because my spyder would NOT calibrate correctly. i got the xrite i1 display pro. my screen on the first try is much closer than the spyder was giving me so i have hope. i need to bring the brightness down but as far as the color goes my screen is a little more "vibrant" with all the colors. what setting should i change to address that?
  4. I have an older PC monitor I can try it on tonight but nothing fancy and nothing that's in my workspace. So am I hooking the calibrator up to monitor and trying to calibrate that screen? Sorry I'm confused.
  5. meaning don't use my new laptop anymore??
  6. yes i've followed that in the past. i just double checked and it's disabled
  7. Dell XPS 15-9560, spyder 5 elite. both are brand new
  8. Sigh. Is there no way to change my calibration's vibrancy ? i don't have a lot of time to wait for more prints to arrive. I need to get these pics done! i don't mind shopping around for future shots. Im just in a hurry for now....
  9. Ok D, i got the prints. they do not match. :( i just went thru the whole process on your website twice i got the brightness now but the prints are much more dull than the screen. the groom's tie on my screen is red but in my print it's nearly brown. what do i do to fix that? i can't figure it out. i print at millers at 5000k. i bumped it up to 5800k with slight change.
  10. not sure yet. i ordered some prints that will be here hopefully before Thanksgiving
  11. Yes there is a message that pops up. But it's to the point now where off or on, liquify isn't working. I move the sliders for eyes or forehead etc and nothing happens....
  12. Every photo im working on right now needs a little liquify work. but the graphics processor turns off for each photo. so i have to manually go and turn it back on when i get to my next pic. any way to keep it on full time? thx
  13. https://warmaudio.com/wa87/ link to my husband's website.....
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