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  1. Aubrey


    Sorry sir, I had it hiding in a folder. I got that pic looking good enough but I would appreciate your help on the other pic I emailed you that is worse.
  2. Aubrey


    I did exactly what you said D. But since I didn't love the result I went ahead and moved on the with rest of my edit so I wouldn't waste time. Now I'm circling back to work on that part some more. That's why it looks a different shade and stuff. But I did exactly what you said.
  3. Aubrey


    I just used a color layer painted at like 50% and it's making things look better for me. I have ceiling moire too in a different angle of the same room that I'm struggling with though. I'm trying to apply the same things but it's a lot harder. There's so many different lights in this room making it all very uneven.
  4. Aubrey


    Is there any other method you can recommend? It's not working for me as well as I would've hoped. The lines are still visible. If I go too strong then the wall fabric looks fake.
  5. Aubrey


    Oh you are correct. It's not visible in the particular area. I have some more obvious lines in the ceiling. So pretend like it's a normal wall then. thanks
  6. Aubrey


    Hi D, I need help with the dreaded moire. This is our recording studio and the walls have this expensive fabric on the walls that is giving me an editing headache. The fabric does have a lined pattern that needs to be preserved. I can't figure out how to get rid of the moire though. Please help, hubby needs these pics on the website very soon. tia!
  7. Can you please tell me how you got it all the same color? I can work with that.
  8. I don't know how to do frequency separation.
  9. Hi D. As you can see this driveway has all kind of crazy going on. I need to blow this house up for a client's office. I don't want the dark spots and different shades of concrete to distract from the beautiful home. Ive tried patching, cloning, healing and it helps some of course in small doses. I removed my attempts so you could see what I'm dealing with. I don't need it to look perfect and unrealistic. I understand it's just concrete but as it sits it's driving me nuts. Heres a 700x700 crop for you as well as a screen shot so you can see more of the prob. TIA
  10. Hi Brian, I'm trying to calibrate my new imac with my xrite i1 display pro. What kind of display do I select in the xrite program? I've googled and can't get a clear answer. Thanks!!
  11. Have you ever messed with it? I'm a little weary of the "Super Resolution".
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