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  1. of course! just taking screen shots..I already had to deliver tho and fixed best I could
  2. not sure why my files are showing up strange.. but just need to fix this glare
  3. I tried the skin color method, but it colored the whites of the eyes
  4. Creative cloud has been telling me for months my storage is almost full, but I've never stored anything here. It says I have no documents.. no files etc.. so I have no clue what's going on
  5. that's what I thought.. but did you have a article I can share with my friend? she thinks the file has to show a higher number of megabytes for it to be good.
  6. if you are supplying clients the image for them to print.. I crop to 11x15.... I thought you said a size to save to
  7. thought there was something about what size to save at for printing? I crop to 15x11.. but something about the mb size
  8. Where can I find a artice regarding saving jpegs and what size they should be..
  9. Where can I find the options once I hit the gradient?
  10. it's probably so simple.. but do I just create those layers on my own? or somehow dragging them from yours?
  11. ok! and I'm working on them now... I am confused on what to do with the one with the psd..... I have several of those.... do I copy your layers somehow?
  12. I thought I took the raw class a few years ago.. hmmmm.. how can I find out? if so, do I still have access?
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