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  1. I believe it's Nvidia 940MX (or at least that's what it says on my sticker on the laptop lol)
  2. Damien, thank you for taking the time to help me with this, I apologize again, it's been a tough few weeks here, and I haven't been able to respond like I should. I appreciate the time you have taken to help me sort this out! I will look into graphics cards and see what's out there. Brand new laptop, though, so that sucks lol Thanks again! Much appreciated!
  3. I'm so sorry, Damien, it's been a week from hell. Graphics processor is off, definitely. Still the issue remains.
  4. Yes, it looks familiar to me, that I believe they went into those settings
  5. Yes, only in photoshop and only on that monitor. I'm completely perplexed.
  6. definitely wasn't imagination, it happened when we hooked it up to the tv, too (to see if it was maybe the monitor or monitor connection). I just did it again back and forth ten or so times, the first time, it went to the same as I would see it in ACR. I was able to grab a screen shot of it (there was still a blacked out square from it loading or something?) but it went back when I clicked on the screen again after I saved the screenshot.
  7. No, just makes it more green. (forgive me for not replying immediately, life is busy today, I am getting back to you as soon as I possibly can. Mother came to town to visit, you must know how that can be)
  8. ok, done, done, and done. Dumped the old datacolor folder, recalibrated and print is looking very similar to the image, print is slightly warmer and darker still. I need to get new prints done of more recent sessions. Prints match contrast and vibrancy of the firefox window; the color isn't as intense in PS as in the print.
  9. I do not have pro lab prints in my hand of the example image. I have a couple others. when comparing, they do not match exactly, the color temperature is off slightly, images are warmer in print and slightly darker. I will work on fixing that. Adobe reset everything and I did a quick cal and didn't match against prints.
  10. as in the example image, I would have toned down the greens some, as personal preference. When I open other images in ACR, those would be the way they should be. The green in the example photo of the birthday girl (and the pink, too) are overdone for me, I would tone them down. But other images look the way they should. Firefox appears to match the print. I have recalibrated several times since this started, thanks to Adobe resetting it
  11. it happens as soon as I open it, and stays that way. When I move from screen to screen, it happens when I realize the mouse, yes.
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