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  1. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for but couldn't remember where to find it! Now when I open files such a jpegs that were edited previously with the wrong color space, I would need to open them in ACR and change the settings correct?
  2. I am having an issue when clients up load their photos and post online being faded and dull. I have PS set to sRGB color space so I'm confused as to why this is happening. When I post on my end they look fine. What am I missing?
  3. Ok, will do. This has completely thrown me for a loop! So once I come to printing I would then resize to a specific size ie 20x30" at 300dpi at that point? Can you point me to the resource for noise reduction in photoshop as well since I typically do that in adobe raw and can't do that now with jpegs
  4. How do I go about printing them? Do I switch them to 300dpi? That makes the file size huge!
  5. Ugh, I made a rookie mistake and accidentally had my camera set to capture jepgs instead of RAW. The images are at 72dpi. Will these even be printable? If so, to what size? Here is a sample image.
  6. It still shows the selection in white when I do that. Did I miss a step?
  7. In your video 'Preventing banding in backdrops', you mention to "hide the layer" at 7:40 in the video. What is the keyboard selection for this. I cannot figure out how to change the gradient selection to a black box. Thank you!
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