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  1. It's a Seagate Backup Plus 4TB EHD. It does not have a power switch. Just so I'm sure I understand--are you saying that if I shut down my computer, it is OK to pull the USB cable even if the light is on and the drive is spinning?
  2. Another problem just cropped up with this drive--I'm happy to start another thread if you would prefer. Whenever I try to safely eject it, I get the error that it is in use. That never goes away. I've always assumed that when I shut my computer down I can then safely remove the external hard drive, but today I noticed that after my computer turned off, the light on the external hard drive stayed on and it was spinning (if spinning is what it does--I could hear and feel it). Any idea what's happening?
  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so glad you saved time and gave me fantastic instructions. I was able to get it all done and create my backup EHD. I sleep much better knowing I have a complete backup. Thank you!
  4. OK, here are my choices. Which should I choose?
  5. When I right click, I don't see "delete Partition." This is what I see:
  6. Here is the screenshot. Some notes: E: main backup is a Seagate EHD that used to be F:. This drive was originally the back-up to the first E:--which is now dead. I have no idea how that original dead drive was formatted--my computer won't recognize it anymore. When it died--I renamed F: to E: to keep it as my main EHD. I then purchased a new Seagate EHD and that is the F: drive now. I have already used SyncToy to copy all of my files from the new E: to F:. Please let me know if you need any clarification on all this.
  7. Thank you! Another issue has come up. As I've tried to copy files from my computer to my "new" main external hard drive, I received an error asking if I was sure I wanted to move the file without some of its properties. This leads me to believe my external hard drive is formatted as a FAT drive instead of a NTFS drive. Is this going to make any difference? I only use windows. Do I need to change the formatting on the external hard drive? It already contains a ton of data.
  8. The worst happened yesterday and my external hard drive completely failed. I was unable to access any files on it. Fortunately, because of your advice, I had an exact copy of it made with SyncToy on a second external hard drive. I spent yesterday using SyncToy to then make a mirror copy of this good hard drive to have as a new backup (I used echo). When I was done, I noticed that the number of GB stored on each of the 2 drives was different. Why would this be so if I simply copied all the files over from one to the other?
  9. I have Photoshop Elements 2021 with the Camera Raw plug-in. When I try to save files directly from Camera Raw, it only gives me the option to save them as .dng files. I cannot figure out how to save them as jpg files or how to update the Camera Raw plug-in to a newer version. Any ideas?
  10. Sigh. Sometimes I could kick myself. Please accept my sincere thanks for all you do. Honestly, you have no idea how much it means to me.
  11. I cannot figure out why the gradient is changing when I crop. The first is a screenshot of my whole photo in PSE 11. The second screenshot is the same--I just blacked out the portion of the photo I am going to crop away. Then I go ahead and crop and I end up with the third screenshot. Why is that happening? Why is the gradient getting pulled down into the cropped image?
  12. I am printing this photo huge--10 foot by 4 foot. I've added the blue sky with a gradient layer and am not surprised that I am seeing banding in my test prints. I am following your tutorial on safely adding noise to an image to deal with this. In the tutorial, you show how to adjust the layer opacity for stronger or weaker noise. My question is, if I get rid of the banding in a 20inch by 8inch test print, will it be the same in my huge print? In other words, does the huge print affect the amount of noise I want? Also, I'm assuming I add the noise before sharpening and then sharpen as usual--or should I adjust the sharpening in the area with the noise added? (as an aside, I'm not happy with the color blue I've added to the sky--it is too deep for my taste. Is there a shade of blue you prefer?).
  13. f/4.5 1/200s ISO 250 24-105@40mm
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