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  1. Sigh. Sometimes I could kick myself. Please accept my sincere thanks for all you do. Honestly, you have no idea how much it means to me.
  2. I cannot figure out why the gradient is changing when I crop. The first is a screenshot of my whole photo in PSE 11. The second screenshot is the same--I just blacked out the portion of the photo I am going to crop away. Then I go ahead and crop and I end up with the third screenshot. Why is that happening? Why is the gradient getting pulled down into the cropped image?
  3. I am printing this photo huge--10 foot by 4 foot. I've added the blue sky with a gradient layer and am not surprised that I am seeing banding in my test prints. I am following your tutorial on safely adding noise to an image to deal with this. In the tutorial, you show how to adjust the layer opacity for stronger or weaker noise. My question is, if I get rid of the banding in a 20inch by 8inch test print, will it be the same in my huge print? In other words, does the huge print affect the amount of noise I want? Also, I'm assuming I add the noise before sharpening and then sharpen as usual--or should I adjust the sharpening in the area with the noise added? (as an aside, I'm not happy with the color blue I've added to the sky--it is too deep for my taste. Is there a shade of blue you prefer?).
  4. f/4.5 1/200s ISO 250 24-105@40mm
  5. f/4.5 1/200s ISO 250 24-105@47mm
  6. Thank you. Would you mind if i signed up for the class and tried it out?
  7. Hi Damien. Do you have any experience with elements plus ( http://elementsplus.net/). I use PSE 11, but have access to channel mixer through elements plus. I'm wondering if this would allow me to take the Channel Mixer Class?
  8. This is where I am. When I view it full size, I think it's better. But when I zoom in, I still see softer areas. Wondering what you think and how it might print.
  9. That helped a lot. Is this acceptable or does it need more work?
  10. Yes, it has the Spot Healing Brush Tool.
  11. I struggle so much when cloning. I use PSE 11 and simply used the clone tool. I get this softness in the area I cloned which I hate. What is the best way to avoid this?
  12. Yes, that's what I'm finding too. Well, before I met you, my pictures looked great in my viewer and lousy in print. So I think I'm still way ahead of the game now that they look great in print and lousy in FastStone! I'll get over it. Have a great day, and thanks again, as always.
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