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  1. So, the height is 2048... the width is 3132... this is for a horizontal image and 2048 with a width of 1387 for a vertical... Is that still bad?
  2. Damien, all of my web readies are that big actually.... I use a Facebook action in the Erin Toles paintbox set...
  3. Damien, oops... the dimensions I just gave were her web ready... I am working on another one of hers and the dimensions are, 4256X2832 and shes using a Nikon D3S Another photographers i'm working on is 5472X3648 and she is shooting with a Nikon 810
  4. Hey guys! Can you please tell me what I am missing with this photo? Ive been working on these images for days and days and I just cant put my finger on whats bugging me! To be it almost needs to be warmed up, but when I do so, it looks too warm... even with the slightest adjustment... I dont think the camera settings started out the best (I am a wedding editor, this isn't my personal image) I will attach that, too! Thanks so much!
  5. Hi Guys! Sorry, I had my 10 year Anniversary and went MIA.... Unfortunately, I deleted said photographers images off my computer already... but I know the pixels were over 3000x2400 or something like that...
  6. Hey guys... I am exporting images from light room at 300 ppi and 100% quality and the file sizes are still only between 3 and 4 MB... The photographer I edit for says the files should be 8-9 MB... I am clueless as to what I am doing in the export process to cause the files to be "half" the size they should be to give to her brides.... Would love help... I looked around the site and didn't find anything... Thanks bunches!
  7. I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.M.G.... The catalog wasn't in "open recent" so I used the option under it and clicked on folders until I found the edits! THANK YOU!!!!!
  8. SO, I just deleted the whole folder off of my desktop... Once the photographer made me aware that I would need to re-size them, I clicked "restore" from the recycle bin, but the catalog didn't go back into lightroom... I didn't physically delete anything from lightroom.. I think that happened when I deleted the folder off my desktop?
  9. Hi there! I am currently editing for another wedding photographer and accidentally exported her images at only 65% quality and 118 ppc... She wants them re-exported, but I had already deleted her files... Thankfully, I hadn't deleted them out of my recycle bin yet, but now the catalog is completely out of LR... I was hoping restoring the files out of the recycle bin would bring the catalog and edits back, but it didn't... Am i totally screwed and have to re-edit.. or is there a way to get it back? I'm assuming I cant re-size once they are in Jpeg form??? Thanks y'all!!!!!!
  10. Will this work? Otherwise I can do it tomorrow from my computer
  11. Hi Damien! There is a weird circle of (something) on the top of babies hair that I can't fix... Have tried levels, highlights, etc to turn down the brightness and it doesn't help it.. Tried cloning a little but it didn't look right.. Would love your thoughts! Thanks
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