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  1. Yes, I've done that. Doing this did not change the behavior or search results. Even when telling Bridge to search within all subfolders it is not finding my labeled images unless I individually open folders. I may just need to stick to lightroom.
  2. I have a file in a collection that I want to remove from my collection. I do not want to delete this file but I no longer want to see it in my collection. I get this pop up and it scares me. Do I hit reject or delete?
  3. When I say "open" I am only talking about Bridge. I am referring to opening the parent folder to individual image files within bridge. So opening a parent folder for all images I took during a shoot on (for example) 6/5/2018 and saved within the same folder on my computer. In my last response I should have likely used the work "folder" rather then "file"
  4. Any thoughts on how to make this happen without opening individual files? While this will be possible to make the switch it will take a loooooong time. Many of my images are contained within several collections so I will need to remove labels, add labels to new collections and reopen all these files many times.
  5. I am going to do my best to describe what I am finding now. I created a smart collection within bridge to find all my green labeled images. I labeled them green from a collection within lightroom. The smart collection only finds the green labeled items that are within folders that I manually opened within bridge. If I have not directly opened the file within bridge it does not find the green labeled images within that file. Once I open the individual file then any green labeled images within that file suddenly start showing up within my smart collection in bridge. And yes - other lightroom changes are appearing in bridge - only the labels seem to not be working well.
  6. Ugh. They have nothing in common. They are from throughout several years. It's collections of favorite photos of my family and kids that I put together for photobooks. I was trying to give them the label to make that what was common about them. If I can't move my collections over from lightroom I may be stuck using it as I access these collections frequently. They go all the way back to 2009.
  7. It's not finding all my labeled images. I labeled 107 images as green in lightroom and only 13 are showing in Bridge.
  8. Ok, I did that. It appears that some files are still hidden?
  9. I was wrong anyway. Bridge just isn't finding the labels. It seems to be finding a few randoms ones but not all of them and I'm not sure why.
  10. So, as I play around I am noticing something. I created a smart collection that should be catching all the labeled photos. It is picking up the labels AFTER I open that file within bridge - but not until the file has been individually opened. Do I need to tell bridge to collect metadata again or something to catch the updates?
  11. So, I CAN see the labels ONLY if I am in individual files. I can not see them if I am in a higher level file that has files within it. Functionally - to re-sort my collections by going file by file would take a crazy amount of time. How can I see these labels without doing this? Heck, I'm even just noticing now that I can't even see my 5 star ratings without going into individual files within bridge. Because of how I structure my files (days within months within years) and how often I shoot I really need to be able to sort by labels and ratings for those higher level files (year).
  12. Yes, it's turned on. But I have been converting to DNG - does that matter?
  13. I'm trying to get away from Lightroom. I currently have several active collections in lightroom that I need to transfer to Bridge in order to make the switch. Any suggestions on how to tag or mark images in lightroom so that they can be found and put into a collection in Bridge? Star ratings won't work for me as I have used ratings for years in lightroom. I am uncertain if color labels in lightroom can be "seen" in bridge.
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