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  1. I fully calibrated (total new, not recal) and now it also matches the prints with the color. Thanks again for all your help!!!
  2. Maybe this is the problem? But I have downloaded the software yesterday...
  3. So I calibrated again but the prints are cooler than the monitor? What do I need to adjust?
  4. I have one more question: do I compare the prints to the pic opened in photoshop? Because they look very different in Photoshop and on the computer itself...but only PS matters, right?
  5. Ok awesome, thanks so much! ...but always calibrate in a dark room, right?
  6. No, the prints are a bit lighter 😂 should I recalibrate? Also, my room is pretty bright, should I edit in darkness or my bright room?
  7. Update: I calibrated the monitor in a dark room. Now with my normal day light on the monitor seems to be super dark to me. Can I make it brighter again or does this throw off the whole calibration?
  8. Hi Damien, Just a question because in your article it doesn't specifically say: the monthly calibration also has to take place in a dark room? Why doesn't the description of the spyder 5 pro say it has to be done in a dark room...? It says to do it in a light you usually work with.... thank you!
  9. Any easy way to do it? Will check out Bridge to when it's included in my cc plan....
  10. I don't think so. When I upload the raw files they have a random number. Like 3637354 or something. So I rename them to 1,2 etc as jpg and psd file. Makes it easier for clients and myself. What is an easier way? I will look into Bridge.
  11. Yeah sounds right, the psd files take up space but it is easier because they all have the same number as the jpgs then and I just have to open the psd file that has the same number (sequence numbers like 'client name 1') as the jpg file. Otherwise the raw file would ave a totally different name as jpg file. Do you have a good tip how to do it differently a. Some pics just look very similar and it would take more time to find out which pictures they want...thanks so much!
  12. Hi, I edit all the good photos for the clients in LR and export them as PSD (and Jpg to show them) so I can edit them later in PS after the client has chosen their pictures. I have read in one of your articles that I do not have to save as 16 bits but that 8 are enough. My other question is: is 300 as a resolution per inch enough or should I choose more? Anything else to pay attention to? Thanks so much!
  13. Ok took the sharpening class already and loved it! Will take it, thanks so much!!
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