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  1. Watch it anyways if you have the time. He discusses lab.
  2. I found this very interesting:
  3. I will do some research. Have a good day.
  4. Thanks I will try some of these techniques tomorrow. Any thoughts on using LAB numbers even if you are editing in RGB?
  5. That's certainly possible. Do you have any recommendations for color correcting skin tones by the Numbers?
  6. Well I think the second one is closer to reality.
  7. Hi Damien decided to try this. Shot both Wb targets under the same settings. The only adjustment in ACR was exposure (the same for both) and of course the individual Wb settings. This is wb off of laser printout. These were done with the Passport. What is your opinion?
  8. Barry685

    How to create Sooc

    I don't know if hes awake yet😃. Brian where are you located?
  9. If I want to post a Sooc is that a screenshot of the image while in ACR before any adjustments have been made, or is it the saved image from ACR where none of the default settings have been changed?
  10. I fixed it. I have another pc with PS installed that was working properly. I found the directory that has the files and copied them into the problem pc.
  11. I could do try to do another install without uninstalling?
  12. I don't ever use cmyk. I do have the ability to do my own printing but I only print Canvas if I need to.
  13. OK How is this? Also If by any chance you have the north America "File" and you can send it to me and let me know which folder to put it into.
  14. I did there are no other options