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  1. Do you have objections to using the auto fill function when cropping and/or straightening?
  2. Gonna read that article. I do consider opacity but have always used the sliders to make adjustments. I love shortcuts as you can well imagine.
  3. That was the problem with the hard edge. Somehow the slider was set to around 65. It has always been 0 on the brush.
  4. I did straighten the image first in Photoshop but when I went to clone to cover the edges the clone tool was acting up a bit. I know how to use it and in most areas it worked nicely but every once in awhile it wouldn't grab what I chose. And sometimes it left and edge which I smoothed out with a brush but I wonder if there is a way to soften the edge of the clone tool so it feathers better. I didn't post that in the Levels section because it didn't come out the way I would have wanted because of the clone problems I am talking about. I did read that article and followed the directions. I would never have known how to straighten the horizon in PS and in the old days I used the straighten tool in Lightroom.
  5. I can't seem to find the FORUM. I can see all the classes I am enrolled in and where to post but that Forum area is eluding me. Can you tell me how to access it?
  6. I want to make sure I understand the distinction. Is it correct to say that White Balance is a global adjustment to correct the entire image for the effects of the light source while color cast corrections are local adjustments to correct specific areas of the image to correct for color imbalances? White Balance is corrected in ACR globally. Color cast corrections are made in PS by adding complementary colors to that specific area. Do I have that right? And one more question in that regard. You teach making selections before adjustments in the Levels Course but in the Color Cast Correction article you start with a Photo Filter layer, invert it and paint in the area you want to correct. Do you do it this way so that you can build up that correction by using a very low opacity brush?
  7. There was a good one on raw processing to get all the raw data for use in PS. But these are good too.
  8. Asking here because I don't know where else to ask. I have a private Facebook group where I teach street photography. I talk a lot about how getting the shot is only part one--usually resulting in what I call a snapshot. To produce an impactful artistic photograph we need to be skilled in processing our images to produce the overall effect. I have mentioned you and the courses and people express interest. I would like to post one general article or introduction to your teaching for their consideration. So first are you okay with my doing that and second is there an article that would make a good intro?
  9. Hey for $10 and a chance to learn something new about Bridge and to ask you stupid questions how could I pass that up.
  10. Great. It has been my habit to trash all the JPEGs once I post them. I do have many on my hard drive than were never posted. I will need to go into my backup drive to see if I have originals or just jpegs. I have jpegs from iPhone shots I know. I know use a camera app that shoots Raw. I just signed onto Layers. I use Bridge and get around it well enough for my purposes but I will check out what the course covers
  11. Good news is that On1 Photo Raw saved all the images in RAW. So I still have them as RAW files. Excited to start working my way through the Layers course now that I have abandoned all my old ways.
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