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  1. This one is very interesting... I still don't get how to reverse engineer effects... @Damien Symonds how do you know the process to do to get same results ?
  2. Hi , The pattern really annoys , Is this a moire or pattern/shadow (I didn't see channel info to use)
  3. Didn't continue with this yet , We are in holidays now , I'm trying to divide the time between Passover (Jewish holiday) , work , advanced levels class and some previous obligations I had regarding retouch from TFP I had... I'm sharing what I worked on today (it was made for IG) , Used channel mixer , handyman and some other methods I've learned. It might look a little bit over sharpened (because when you view it at 1080 x 1350 in IG it looks very good) , skin was a little bit challenge , hope I nailed it (worked on image around 4 hours) soor: done : delivered to model (cropped for IG ) :
  4. Yes it would ! How ? Looks like handyman but not sure ...
  5. What does the star icon with the word "featured" means on this post ?
  6. Hi , Retouching an image , the lipstick is very bad , how can I fix it ? I don't mind having redrawing it in anyu color... I just want it to look better than it looks now.
  7. Let me know how it works for you , Most annoying thing with the diff. raw processors is that WB presets isn't the same (which is so weird) but Daylight in ACR and daylight in C1 show different results...
  8. Do you use C1 because you shoot tethered a lot or because you use Sony/Fuji cameras and its much better as raw processor for them ? (I purchased C1 v. 12 lately but didn't use it much yet because of Damien's tutoring... required using ACR)
  9. Oh , I have amazon prime / qnap (2 bays X 8TB each) / 8 TB Western digital elements. I backup from my PC to my qnap (using freefilesync but Its probably better purchasing a good backup app) and from the QNAP to the 8TB HD & Backblaze... Backblaze upload is very slow. Btw - When you backup to Amazon , you backup the raws + xmp (they barely take space). Did you purchase goodsync license or you use the free version with the limitations ? Regarding the plex server , is it because you stream to PS4/Xbox ?
  10. Cool , can you trust Amazon as backup service? Also , do you happen to have NAS or you backup directly from PC ?
  11. Oh , Ok. I didn't plan on asking critique on this specific image since I didn't like it (but client wanted it).
  12. Damien , I don't explain myself well , I'll try again, I work on PSD , the end result I send as JPGs (used to send PNG but changed to JPG) . Till today , I always exported images for social media (FB/IG) so I had resized my pictures to 2048px long edge or 1350px (depends if FB or IG). Now , I want to send my client the family photos I retouched , My question was , what will be the best settings/way to send him the images : Here are the options I know about : 1. PSD -> Save As (Jpeg) -> Jpeg (quality 12) 2. PSD -> Export As -> 3. After retouching all PSDs , I go back to Bridge and use : Tools -> Photoshop -> Image Processor -> on all PSDs to create JPGs : 4. Save for Web... (Which I don't think is relevant for this case)
  13. The image on top was after levels ... Here is the 100% crop from SOOR
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