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  1. This one is very interesting... I still don't get how to reverse engineer effects... @Damien Symonds how do you know the process to do to get same results ?
  2. Hi , The pattern really annoys , Is this a moire or pattern/shadow (I didn't see channel info to use)
  3. Didn't continue with this yet , We are in holidays now , I'm trying to divide the time between Passover (Jewish holiday) , work , advanced levels class and some previous obligations I had regarding retouch from TFP I had... I'm sharing what I worked on today (it was made for IG) , Used channel mixer , handyman and some other methods I've learned. It might look a little bit over sharpened (because when you view it at 1080 x 1350 in IG it looks very good) , skin was a little bit challenge , hope I nailed it (worked on image around 4 hours) soor: done : delivered to model (cropped for IG ) :
  4. Yes it would ! How ? Looks like handyman but not sure ...
  5. What does the star icon with the word "featured" means on this post ?
  6. Hi , Retouching an image , the lipstick is very bad , how can I fix it ? I don't mind having redrawing it in anyu color... I just want it to look better than it looks now.
  7. Oh , Ok. I didn't plan on asking critique on this specific image since I didn't like it (but client wanted it).
  8. Damien , I don't explain myself well , I'll try again, I work on PSD , the end result I send as JPGs (used to send PNG but changed to JPG) . Till today , I always exported images for social media (FB/IG) so I had resized my pictures to 2048px long edge or 1350px (depends if FB or IG). Now , I want to send my client the family photos I retouched , My question was , what will be the best settings/way to send him the images : Here are the options I know about : 1. PSD -> Save As (Jpeg) -> Jpeg (quality 12) 2. PSD -> Export As -> 3. After retouching all PSDs , I go back to Bridge and use : Tools -> Photoshop -> Image Processor -> on all PSDs to create JPGs : 4. Save for Web... (Which I don't think is relevant for this case)
  9. The image on top was after levels ... Here is the 100% crop from SOOR
  10. What I don't understand is , if I crop without deleting the pixels (its an option on PS) , than I do I need to save a PSD for each export ? I just "crop" back to original ratio and nothing get lost.
  11. I know... My question what how to export the edited psd file to jpg ...
  12. Didn't notice the guy had a wallet in this pocket and it ruins the picture. Any easy way to remove it / flatten ?
  13. Hi , So far till today I've shot edited and exported my files to online media , so I exported my files to 2000px LE from Photoshop. Now I did a photoshoot for a family , retouched the files and I want to send them for the family (they will decide if to print to upload to online media). What export settings should I use for sending them the edited PSDs ? If I use regular Save As Jpg the image is less sharpened that if I use Export As (Jpeg). What would be the best thing to do ?
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