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  1. Thanks - will give it a bash
  2. HELP, I had to shoot a school function and they had these horrific purple lights. I've tried the green filter with some degree of success but still bad and thought maybe channel mixer might be a better answer.?
  3. He's pretty terrified about the recovery, but he had absolutely no cartilage left in his hip joint, he's awake and looks good. Thanks for asking
  4. ahh, cool, thanks - sorry had to dash off, hubby had hip surgery today so we went to visit
  5. Great - used collar for WB - it's very similar.
  6. I'm not sure this is possible, but I love this image and I love the flare in the foreground and I would like to try and remove the green part from her face if possible please? I'm going to give it quite a dark moody edit in PS. Attaching full image (I used his sleeve for WB) and close up of problem
  7. Thanks will add some shadowing
  8. Does this look ok, I found a similar angle from an earlier pic before the eye started oozing too badly.
  9. Oh Lordy - I had a feeling you might say that
  10. Help? Is there any way to save this eye? Whole pic and a crop attached.
  11. I would look into starching the ribbon into shape, it's old fashioned but may be your best option.
  12. I guess, the question is how is one action changing colour so quickly?
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