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  1. It's great, thank you. Will post my effort in a while
  2. soor - what's the best way to tackle the background please? Doesn't need to be black just a little more consistent
  3. Not sure how or why this file has cmyk appended to it. On images properties tab it's in RGB 8 bit. I have a dozen or so jpegs I'm editing and none of the others have this on them
  4. I've just updated to the new version of photoshop cc 2018 and my ACR has changed back to Adobe RGB from sRGB - just in case this happens to anyone else before it's too late
  5. I've only just noticed this but when I flatten my file I lose saturation and detail. The attached images are captured using the snipping tool. Have I got something set up wrong? First file is from an unflattened PSD - the other is after flattening
  6. got it. I was just wondering. As I said I've been watching some youtube videos and thought I'd explore this colour mode and see what your thoughts were. I can see that you don't like it - a bit like lightroom . It was confusing to follow but thank you anyway
  7. not even if it's converted to a smart object before converting back to sRGB?
  8. Is there anything wrong with using LAB colour mode? I've read some articles and watched some videos on using it but wondered what your thoughts were
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