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  1. I have tried again. I have followed all your instructions but the marquee contains a full head instead of just an eye-sized portion as in your example.....
  2. Hi Damien -- I think the calibration was successful. It was not easy. The screen seems to be about right now although I can't be 100% certain. But I managed to set it to s.RGB, 6500K and various other things. Thank you for your help.
  3. I've gone through all your notes again, very carefully. I have some appointments tomorrow so probably won't be able to tackle it again until Friday. I will let you know how it goes. Kind regards Dianna
  4. Sorry, I'm getting confused - the bulbs in my new light fitting are 4200K, not 6500K.
  5. By fix the light, do you mean remove the oyster fitting over the top? I think the lights are bright enough - it's an ordinary sized room and I have two x 900L lights.
  6. I like the light - it's kind of restful actually. There's an oyster fitting over the top of the bulbs of course, which yellows the light somewhat. I must admit the thought passed through my mind that perhaps I should remove it. I have four LED battens 3500L 52000K in my studio and they are of course, much brighter.
  7. Hi Damien -- I've just had the light fitting replaced in the room I work in - and I am now using 2 x 900 Lumen lights at 6500K.
  8. I am attempting to calibrate my monitor First, I compared the prints to the image on the screen and manually adjusted the brightness. My screen seems to be very bright and I had to take it down to 4 and it was still brighter than the comparison with the prints would suggest. Then tried to calibrate. When I got to the section where I have to adjust the brightness this is what happened. Target 4.0 cd/m˄2 Current: 57.4 cd/m˄2 I am not able to adjust the brightness any lower than 4 where it already is, yet the instructions are that I should adjust the brightness to about 4% of the Target. Very confusing. I do not know if my laptop monitor is complicating the situation. I do know that my monitor is quite dull at “4”. Do you have any suggestions?
  9. AMAZING!! It never would have occurred to me - but then I guess that's why you're the expert! Thank you I will play around with it tomorrow. I have already managed to reduce the brightness to 24 which is probably about right. It's always so lovely to solve an unsolvable problem. thank you again.
  10. I think so -- except for the fact that the one you have selected has "75/signage..." in the title Yes, mine has just one button for on/off. Nothing else. Bloody annoying.
  11. It's a Philips BDM320IFD (31.5" ..... wide LCD BDM3) I can get you more information if that's helpful. I'm not quite sure how I can send you a link but I can find out.
  12. Sooo frustrating. Only found an off/on button. Tried many different things to no avail. Finally decided to experiment with the Spyder5Elite and in the course of doing so, it altered the brightness of the screen. It has not been calibrated correctly yet because the measurements (I forget what they are called) were 90/145 and I was supposed to get within 4 somethings...... but at least it's a start. I will try again tomorrow with the Spyder and who knows, eventually, I might get lucky.
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