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  1. OK - so I DO sharpen digital files for delivery to clients. I have resized the files to 11:15 and left the resolution field blank because I don't know what size they will get it printed. I get that bit ...but I don't know the sharpening method. I am working my way through your course but just looking for some advice as I can't access the bonus module until I have sent the test prints off which I can't do until next week.
  2. Hi - I found this thread (from 2016)! whilst searching how to sharpen client files for digital delivery and it looks like I don't need to sharpen them at all. Hope so as I am sending client files tonight! x
  3. OK thank you - i'll remove all the noise. I do however see discussion about noise on B&W photos looking good hence me asking the question. Thank you
  4. I've been reading lots of articles on Ask Damien about the process of converting a photo to B&W. I'm finding them really useful but 1 thing I'm not sure on.. Will I need to remove all the noise in ACR before I take it in to Ps? Thank you. N.
  5. Ok I'll have a go. I'll message you when I've done it.
  6. Yeah, it did nothing... So I turned everything off and back on again and then i tried again. This time it opened up a black screen in Ps but I couldn't see my photo. I looked online for help and found something on YouTube saying to go to preferences and uncheck the box next to 'use graphic processor'. It's done the trick. But I've just bought your bridge class so I'm hoping it might go through settings.
  7. Hi Damien - I am doing your sharpening course but I just need to check my colourspace in ACR. It currently says ' Adobe RGB (1998) but do I need to change this to sRGB IEC6 1966 2.1? as this is what my Photoshop settings are. Also I am trying to open up a RAW file from Bridge to Ps - I did a basic edit in ACR and clicked open thinking it would take me to Ps but it's not allowing me to - I am literally stuck in Bridge - got a heap of editing to do but I can't go any further. I also posted to the FB group but realised I should have posted here as it's related to the course i'm doing.. Hope you can help - Thanks
  8. got it - thanks so much. There is so much to learn here!
  9. Thank you - i checked and i'm in the correct space (phiew)
  10. Hi, I can't find my answer in the thread. How can I make sure sRGB profile is embedded in the file? What are the steps I need to take to do this please? Thanks N
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    Thanks. I look forward to doing the course.
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    Hi, I am editing a photo in ACR. Do I sharpen in ACR or do I open it up in Ps (from ACR) and sharpen in Ps? Thanks. N