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  1. Thanks Damien. I am sure there is not an 'exit fee' so to drop it should be easy or likewise, take up, easy.
  2. Damien, I have used PS6 and ACR to edit my images for the last three shoots, without any interaction with Lightroom. I have not noticed anything different with PS6 but I use it in, still, a very basic way. Referring to tutorials. This is where my question stems from as I still feel like a novice with regard to PS. It is not obvious to me any changes with PS6 at this stage.
  3. Damien, I still have maintained PS cc and LR cc on subscription, however I have never used. Yes, wasted money monthly, big time. Before I dump the Adobe PS CC and LR CC package subscription, I would like to ask one more time (solely incase your views have changed and/or in relation to the newer OS. I have remained on High Sierra and not upgraded to the free upgrades as I believe they use 64 bit and there is issues with running PS6. Can you tell me if your or Brian's views have changed in this regard? Can/should I dump the Adobe Subscription of cc or befriend it. TIA
  4. Hi Damien, I have received my test prints back from the colour lab and found them to be dark. Despite calibrating my Dell 2616D Monitor with the Syder5. How should I now proceed? I also now wish to pay the $10 and do your Bridge Tutorial right now. Despite spending 4 hours on the phone this morning with my Superannuation company with bureaucratic mishandling of my super account whereby the company would not give me access to information, despite successful verification of all security. Four hours later, some stern words and a call from Sydney they made it happen over the phone. I am exhausted and disenfranchised but now would like to get cracking on your courses. Can you point me (link) to the Bridge course so I can begin. Many thanks. Bettina
  5. Update. Local camera shop’s printer is cactus. An integral part has failed. Near worthless trip. We did look at my images on his monitor and looked very similar to the Monitor I edited on. luckily I also sent to Fitzgerald’s Colour Lab, on-line, they are ready for collection. I’ll get there.
  6. Yes. I had read this information provided by yourself before posting. Good to read it again and thanks for sending. It states my 'usual lab' and whilst I've printed family party photos at this local lab, it would not be a place where I sent portraits for print. I will do both. Take usb to camera local and send online to the Professional Colour Lab and collect Monday/Tues. Thanks for your level of detail.
  7. Yep. Thanks. Easier to follow thread on this computer than on my phone. Cheers Damien.
  8. Work out whether I should go to the lab which is specialised some distance away or just do the local camera shop. I take it you mean the locals I’ll do that hopefully today if not Monday morning early cheers thanks for that
  9. Hi Damien, photo shoot of bushland complete. Edited images using the deal which was five dollar in the same lighting conditions, as the iMac monitor. The Dell looked a bit muddy where is the iMac is sharp and more exposed. My question I’ve printed at Fitzgerald colour Lab They are top-notch however there is a camera shop down the road to specialise in Nikon, Olympus, Fuji Canon etc and they print, probably cheaply. Is it worthwhile Taking my test prints from a small specialised camera shop as opposed to a high-end colour lab? regards,
  10. Thank you Damien. I will continue with your advice and edit in sRGB. Regards,
  11. Hi Damien, I have an urgent shoot to complete today. I tried to edit in Bridge, Ps6 and ACR but due to my 'newness' I am struggling. I will continue this shoot only today in Lightroom classic. My move to Ps6, Bridge, ACR will be from tomorrow on. My question is about Colour Space and what I should be working 'in'. Not exporting out to. I have read what you wrote about using sRGB to edit in. However, I have had some conflicting information and would like to post it here verbatim, below. I am confused and struggling. "Adobe RGB was designed especially for editing on RGB monitor screens while preserving best colour for print output. Definitely the best for use in editing and archiving original photographic images. sRGB was created specifically for internet screen use. It is only for output for use on lots of other people's screens - so it's best for social media and website use. Use it ONLY when exporting for this purpose, not for editing in or for printing. ...Editing in sRGB is popular because it's a hassle-free way to work if your photos are only ever going to exist on computer screens. If they're being printed, then it becomes a problem, and if they're being printed or published in a CMYK colour format, then it's a more serious problem." Damien, await your reply and clarification. I have a Mac desktop running iOS High Sierra and Photoshop Ps6. It is under 2 years old, and has 32GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 392GB free out of 1GB. The last time I shut down was last night. I have never run a cleanup program. 392GB available of 1TB. Calibration completed twice yesterday. Spyder Pro 5. Version 5.3
  12. Hi Damien, Switching from LR to PS6 and ACR. I am working on Dell 2716D and iMac Pro 2017 monitors. Both calibrated again this morning. (The iMac Pro is still the brightest and clearest, however I am primarily going off the Dell) I have a shoot of Farmland. Scenic bushland and escarpments. Colour Space is my issue. Currently both ACR (first screenshot here) is in ProPhoto RGB and Ps6 (second image that is black) is ProPhoto RGB. I was of the belief that you did want to
  13. I have tried to troubleshoot. I found this explanation to my issue. Do I have to use a DNG converter to be able to use my Bridge cs6 and PS cs6, if so, is this not going to be an additional time consuming work around, or, is it just a step that could be effective within my workflow?
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