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  1. I did calibrate again and I can live with this result. I have to go to bed shortly but I'm going to pop a few things into the wb check side really quick
  2. Ok just a tad bit cool still but much better and the contrast seems a bit low, too.
  3. Oh and there is also Gain and Offset, both of which just have RGB. These ones above haven't done anything to the arrows
  4. Ok which one to adjust the RGB levels? 6 Axis Hue or 6 axis Saturation? Or play with both
  5. Ok - doing it now. Haven't done this one yet
  6. Ugh I didn't save it and can't figure out how to view it again Yes - definitely
  7. Correct - except for the lady in the chair.
  8. Yes - some are better than others for sure! The whites are the worst - which is concerning because I shoot a lot of newborns and babies on white!
  9. Both of them were really magenta, a tad cold. Or maybe just cold, F at this point I don't even know. The 5000 pulled a bit of the magenta out but not much. I don't know if this photo does it any sort of justice?
  10. I should also mention that the uniformity portion to get these numbers was a little different for me than what was shown on the tutorial, it would flash white, med grey, dark grey and then give me 3 numbers (where yours only had 1). I used the top number with the highest luminance. The 3 numbers were not wildly different though, within a couple hundred of each other at most. Yes - I started with 5500, then tried 5000
  11. Yes - sorry. I just got back to my desk from a dinner. this is what I've got
  12. It is as close as it is going to get
  13. Can i please have access to part 2 of the raw class? This is something I genuinely am seeking help with, I’m not sure why I signed up for mentoring if you aren’t willing to help further?
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