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  1. i think i have, as best as i can. we disagree on how ColorMunki works, or should work. time to call it a day?
  2. well-designed programs shouldn't require the user to dive into Windows or get a 3rd-party app to do basic things ..steve
  3. Lr works for me. i love it. Ps is far too complex for my needs. i also have ON1 Photo Raw and might give it a try.. mainly for its better healing tools and layering capabilities. I would be good to be able to see an older profile... esp to compare it against a new one and to choose to revert to it. would be nice if ColorMunki supported this capability
  4. *that* i can understand. i hate that Lightroom merrily saves and saves every catalog backup, without the user realizing that each one can be 1GB or more, thus quickly eating up a lot of HD space. but at least Lr allows the user to restore an old catalog. AFAIK, ColorMunki does not allow its users to do the same, so i don't see the value of tagging the prole with the date
  5. why does the software present you with the option to save the profile, and to rename it? why doesn't it just save the profile automatically?
  6. okay. but the question remains... why can't the profiles be auto-saved?
  7. i understand that. and i also use my ColorMunki for 2 systems. but surely the software could just auto-save the profile?
  8. so, what's the point of asking the user if they wish to save the profile, and to give them the ability to rename it? just do it automatically ..steve
  9. thanks for your article on how to use the ColorMunki. one question: what's the point of saving the calibration settings? AFAIK, there's no way to load and use them ..s
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