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  1. Is there a video of you using the clone brush in any of your editing videos? Or do you have an article about the clone brush...kind of showing how you chose your source points/ how often you pick a new one? I can go to you tube of course, just didn't want to pick up any bad habits, in case you had any no-nos.
  2. Ok I think you actually use the clone tool first, then the brush tool when masking...so I guess my question is when using the clone tool are you using multiple source points to avoid patterns repeating?
  3. This is the photo I'm looking at..want to remove piece of guy in the back.
  4. In this article you say to grab the clone brush... is this this actual clone tool? When I hover over the clone tool it says "clone stamp tool". I tried following the article using the Clone tool (s)...should I have grabbed the Brush tool (keyboard shortcut b) instead? Beacause your "cloning" with masks and the brush tool...instead of actually using the clone tool...correct? https://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/10/role-of-masks-when-cloning.html
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