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  1. My final edit? Yeah I didn't use your edit for it, but I did pull it up in ps and try out the edit you sent.
  2. Okay thanks for the suggestion, I gave it a try, but I've been playing with it for awhile and think I have come up with something I like. I know the removal of the light will not look great to you, but it was the best I could do
  3. Okay I want to try to edit my photo something like this I want the rich hues and shadows without too much warmth. https://www.myclickmagazine.com/what-wear-photo-session/ I also like the look of this photo although it seems more muted...Plus i realize I don't have the bright sky behind subject in my photo like this one. Here's my photo.....I just don't know where to start. Been awhile.
  4. ahh makes much more sense. Also, in my Photosho version (CC) when I go to File..."place"... my options say "place embedded" or "place linked"... I should be choosing place embedded, right?
  5. When making a collage or story board in ps do you use full resolution jpegs or web sized jpegs? I want to make a collage to post on the web but I want the images to look nice and sharp. Does it matter either way?
  6. Okay thank you and okay..I will get to that class! Hopefully soon!
  7. Another question.. sorry if I seem daft to you, but this is all new to me and I wanna get it right. Should my sharpening be higher when it's going to the client verses just sharpening for social media? (It goes on an online gallery where they can downloaded...so still on the web, but it's next step is straight to the client.)
  8. So if I make a simple sharpening action can I start it with flattening image or does the image processor flatten it for you?
  9. Well, I was going to batch save some psds to jpeg from bridge. But I can take them into ps and apply my cropping first and just run it in ps. So, if I just use image processor after cropping my images manually, does it automatically flatten each image and apply un sharp mask? I still thought it'd save me some time to use part of the action for 40+ images. Do I add the 3600x3600 size in to the image processor or is that something I have to manually change on each photo?
  10. Looking at the article I think I'd need to uncheck the "Canvas size one", the "Place", the "reveal all", and all 6 of the watermark position ones, then uncheck the bottom "flatten image" to completely remove the steps dealing with the watermark, correct?
  11. I know that images work best at 3600px on the long edge, for this site..So, do I put 3600px X 3600px? I'm not sure how to make it adaptable for the "long edge" orientation. Seen this... Please remember that the Fit Image function doesn’t resize your photos to exactly the sizes you enter. If you enter 960×960, it doesn’t force all your photos to become squares. It creates a “box” that all your photos will fit inside. The landscape ones will be 960 wide, and whatever their height will be, will be. Likewise, your portrait ones will be 960 high, and their width will be whatever it is ...So i'm assuming the 3600x3600 will be fine?
  12. I'm wanting to adapt one of your "Save for web action with watermark" to use for getting my images ready for an online gallery. I know the best size they need to be set to for the site but at this point I don't want them to have a watermark on them. So, Say I am using the "fixed watermark, no border" one.. can I just uncheck the "place" step? Do I need to uncheck or delete any of the other steps for this to work smoothly?
  13. So I'm trying to follow this https://www.damiensymonds.net/act_web2.html and make a variable watermark action from your "save for web action and watermark" Tutorial. I want to be sure I'm setting it up right.. This will be for posting jpegs to Fb. In the action you have it set up to 720px both directions..So if I want to do a larger image size that fb will play nice with..I should set it to 2048px both directions?
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