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  1. Hello Damien, BenQ has their own proprietary software called Pallette Master Element that walks you through their monitor calibration process. I am using a i1 Display Pro monitor on a Benq 2700PT monitor. Since the software is different than the x-rite, can you please tell me what settings to use? The screen shots are attached. Thank you.
  2. Yes I am satisfied after adjusting the brightness. May I start the levels call?
  3. I have recalibrated and have adjusted the brightness on my screen to match the prints. Here is the reading.
  4. I compared the prints to the monitor on my MacBook Air. I held the prints 90 degrees from the screen. The prints were darker as expected given that the screen is a light source as you say in the article. Other than that I think the color tones match pretty well. FYI, when I calibrated,I couldn't get it to the green area. It would either be just below or a little more above the green area. I went with the lower one that was at 90. What do you suggest?
  5. Hi Damien, I'm in the process of calibrating my MacBook Air using your instructions. I have included two screen shots of the results. The I'm not getting a white point reading nor a luminance reading. I've included the other screen shot just for more info. I don't want to go further with my prints until I get this straightened out. I appreciate your help. Thank you, Michelle Zeiss
  6. Hi Damien, I have been working on a Mac Book Air without a calibration system. I seems that there is too much magenta in my images. I ordered a Benq 2700 monitor and X-rite Display Pro and it will be arriving tomorrow. I need to order prints but I have been waiting for my new system to arrive. Should I calibrate as soon as I get the new monitor? Should I order prints after I calibrate?
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