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  1. 1234

    rubber band

    Lol I promise it's not actually cropped! We are choosing photos for a square calendar so we have done a quick square crop on the potential photos to help us select photos! The main PSD is not cropped at all
  2. 1234

    rubber band

    ugh that was too easy..... thank you for saving me from pulling out my hair LOL
  3. 1234

    rubber band

    oh love that! Is that with channel mixer?
  4. any ideas on how to remove the rubber band under his chin? I tried cloning but I had a hard time making it look natural....
  5. I started with press quality preset as a base and then changed the colour space back to srgb and removed the layers option (although it was already flattened so I wouldn't guess it would change anything)
  6. Okay so I'm not ruining the quality of the photo inside it, its just 'extra' and not simple? please let me know when you do! I know the bare minimum and I am sure I am missing several things lol
  7. 1234

    Momma dog

    Fab ❤️
  8. 1234

    Momma dog

    how does this look? I think I was so focused on covering the whole thing up I just went for make it less noticeable this time... Around the foot was a bit hard as far as masking goes....
  9. Ok two questions for you! 1. Curious - what's the issue with saving images as PDFs? 2. I saw that you have a prepress class, is the InDesign one available yet?
  10. 1234

    Momma dog

    ummm.... any chance you have any idea how to cover up momma's boobies? I feel like this should be easy but every time I try it just looks odd... I'm wondering if part of it is the natural shading that would occur....
  11. It is great! And honestly I could not imagine doing it in photoshop for sure. Its sent to the printer all in one pdf (28 pages or something) Okay I went back to the images, flattened them first and resaved them as a pdf and voila they are now around the same size as the jpegs! I would say this should deter me from working at 11:30 at night but sadly I do not think it will
  12. ahhh sadly we use indesign. Ha - well.... technically yes but but the photos are in it as srgb, I tried to get the cmyk profile and they told me not to bother and just send it over as srgb as they strip away the colour profile anyhow. That being said we do several print proofs so I can make any changes needed before I send to press. I have only ever had to correct one photo so it has worked so far.
  13. Ahhhhh do you have a link to those? or is it a class? We also create a calendar every year that we sent to a different printer as a PDF so would be very interested in seeing that!
  14. Just looking at the last set of cards we sent to them, all my pdfs are under 3mb. I have absolutely no idea what I have done this time. All images should be flattened now but some are still incredibly large. Do you have instructions on saving images as a pdf somewhere? Im about to just completely start over here lol That would explain why it was showing srgb when it definitely wasn't!
  15. yeah I confirmed with the girl twice. Yeah for some reason that pdf is very large (although the one I sent you before was not flattened). the rest seem to be 4-6mb. I am sure I am doing something wrong LOL
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