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  1. Yes that's why I refuse to try out a d4s or d5! I don't need any more gear envy! Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my d500 - but I do prefer full frame when I can get it - but if I'm just going for action my d500 is perfect! Thank you for all your help!
  2. Photos like this from Kaylee Greer (as well as a few others) are what made me want to go wide! https://www.dogbreathphoto.com/t76o0ppvpqxqsg9o17fc12agp7ekx4
  3. Yes! I know its not everyone's cup of tea but I LOVE the big noses! I find the images way more engaging!
  4. Yes! I have never bought from this store but it makes sense when all of the other camera stores are around the same price (Henrys, vistek etc.) and then that one has one that both more and less expensive than the competition! Will steer clear from that one! and yes the prices in Canada really are a killer! Perfect! Realistically I will either be using flash or shooting at a high shutter speed to catch action so I am good without it! I can't believe that image was taken without a tripod! - Although I rarely go under 1/500 so I guess I am just used to a different kind of ballgame (but that's still impressive) I have a D4 and a D500 for back up! I found my D3 was too slow to focus and I was defaulting back to my d500 all the time - as my d500 RARELY misses the focus. There was a store closing and had a used D4 for sale so I bought it and have been much happier with it! My d500 is back to being my back-up as well as my camera I take on hikes and other places where I just want a light camera!
  5. Okay so these are the other two that I did - solid colour worked much better - not perfect but I realized it was going to be a tiny photo on the handout. The second on was much more straight forward!
  6. Those are gorgeous pictures! Good to know about the 16-35! I saw someone post about the 18-35 but to be honest I thought it was a typo and they meant 16-35! I am currently selling my D3 and will be selling my sigma 24 1.4 so I will have a little money to play with so I may as well get the 14-24 - especially as it will be better long term. These are my current favourites that I have taken with my 24 - and while I love them - I wish I could see what they would look like even wider (they might look terrible but I won't know until I try) - I just love how eye catching they look! They create some fun expressions on the dogs and other furry creatures. You're right - most of the time I will want to be close with a medium-ish f stop - but I will also want a few landscapes with dogs as the main focus point in there - so that will give me room to play with a lower f stop. How important is IS? As I see the 14-24 doesn't have it? I generally can't use a tripod as im often following the dog with my camera Now this may be a very silly question but do you know the difference between these two? I cannot for the life of me find the difference and I have not gotten a response from that company to my question: https://mapleleafphoto.ca/nikon_afs_nikkor_1424mm_f28g_ed_lens_5286798.php https://mapleleafphoto.ca/nikon_afs_zoom_nikkor_1424mm_f28g_ed_lens_5294022.php
  7. Sorry! Will post my versions later - things have just been a bit crazy!
  8. Thoughts on the Nikon 14-24 2.8 ED? I currently have the Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art and although I love it - it's not as wide as I'd hoped - I do pet photography and I find the photos (from other photographers) that I love the most are either taken on super wide lenses, or on the 70-200 lens (which I already have). I started looking at the 14-24 and found very good reviews, but also found some that said the 16-35 f4 was just as good and lighter. So now I'm a bit torn - my other lenses and camera (except my 50mm) are pretty bulky anyways so I guess I am already used to larger lenses. But quality wise - do you know if the two are comparable? Hope you are doing well!
  9. Ok so I tried it with the darker teal and it has created a very harsh line around her fur - I tried to reduce the opacity and brush black onto the line but it created a bit of a halo around her (but still with a harsh line) but maybe my brush wasn't small enough?
  10. ah I think I see what I did wrong... my first go at it
  11. Update: I typed in the numbers for the colour and got it to work! Are you supposed to be able to click on the colour rectangle to get the right real colour?
  12. Woah! That looks awesome! Okay so I did the rectangle with the teal colour, added a levels layer below it, double clicked the white eye dropper - but I can't select the teal colour? What am I missing?
  13. Ok this is one of the teals (that this picture will go on)
  14. Ok! I will ask them if they NEED a transparent background, I have a PDF of the file they are using so I will try to grab the colour from there
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