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  1. Okay so do I post this in the channel mixer class then?
  2. Woahhhh!!! That's amazing!! To channel mixer class I go!
  3. Okay this is my current attempt. I added a bit of a lens blur on a circle gradient (as there was still too much texture for me) and then the solid grey on top - I think I will have to wait to get rid of the colour casting before I can decide whether I like it or not! Thank you!!
  4. Oh darn I had thought so... Is there any way to make the blanket softer?
  5. Guess I should get on that! 😁😁 Honestly I think it looks terrible - it wasn't mine but was the only blanket my friend had at her house that would work. - although I guess if I could reduce the texture that would work too. The picture is for a fundraiser (calendar) and will be square cropped to the two heads and the little arms so I'm really just looking to make the puppies stand out more from the blanket!
  6. Hi there! I have this photo here - I am trying to get rid of the colour casting and I am also hoping to get rid of the blanket/red tub - to maybe a white background? Or even just make the blanket look less ugly. Is this possible? Hope you are staying healthy!
  7. I guess it's not really a style I admire but I took these two pictures at the same time and for whatever reason I walked a few steps to the side, changed the plants in the back and lost the orangey-fall background that was in the 'Yoda' one. I would like to see if I can bring a bit of the back into this one. (The Yoda is SOOR so no edits done at the moment).
  8. ahhh I was rounding the second (aka 1/5 of 20) im quite good at math i promise 😁
  9. @Damien Symonds I am trying to sign up for the Print Sharpening class but I can't press the continue button? (it's greyed out)
  10. Hi there! I have this image, I am looking to make the background more orangey to give it more of an Autumn feel! I feel like this may be a channel mixer thing or maybe a levels thing but I have not gotten through either class far enough to know. Thank you!
  11. Is this taught in one of your classes? (How to figure out the numbers)
  12. Yes! It was super easy!! Thank you so much!
  13. Thank you! That was a lifesaver How did I do? I did replace the background with a gradient tool (from your online tutorial), not sure if you want to see it without the background replaced (I think I need to mask the gradient around the big duck a bit better)
  14. Ok got the colour! Just working on the masking... Will post when I'm done! Thank you!
  15. I am thinking like a baby blue, is this too bright?
  16. Hi there! Hoping to change the background colour of this picture to a bright blue (but open to other colours if it is easier). This is SOOR - still working through levels class (and playing with the picture as we go) so don't have an edited version just yet.
  17. Ahhh fabulous! The classes have been amazing so far! Thanks!
  18. Thank you! I had seen that but wasn't sure if it was applicable to cell phone pictures! As far as getting it ready to print, I would assume I would learn that in the Print Sharpening class?
  19. A friend has asked me to help her get a photo printed. I can't post the picture publicly as it is of her son but here are the photo details: iPhone 8, 2.8 mb, 4032x3024, 72 dpi, How big can this photo be printed on canvas? (I appreciate it's probably hard to say without seeing the picture but it is in focus.
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