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  1. I looked for the equivalent settings on my iMac but was not able to find them.
  2. Thanks, Damien, it is the Photo Downloader in Adobe Bridge.
  3. Hi Damien, is there a way to stop PSE 2020 from automatically uploading all the photos from my iPhone 7 whenever I plug it into my 2013 iMac? I cannot find an Advanced Options in the Photo Downloader box. Thanks, David
  4. Hi Brian, I am running Catalina on my 2013 iMac. Do you have a recommendation for a hard drive backup for my many photos and saved documents? From what I read about Seagate, they are not reliable. Many thanks, David
  5. Wonderful, Brian! Thanks so much, I’ll get straight to work.
  6. This is the photo with the specs I sent you.
  7. Nikon 5600 with an AF-S 24-120mm lens. The idea is to photograph my wife’s acrylic on canvas paintings and have iPrintfromhome.com make a Giclee print that looks as good as the painting, to send to paying customers. I bought a $34 ring light, suitable for zoom meetings, for lighting. ?I shot on Manual at about a 2 foot distance, on a cheap tripod. Settings on Fine, ISO 500, f/22.0 using the light meter. I have Photoshop Elements 2020 on my 2013 iMac to do adjustments. The photos looked great on my calibrated screen, but the 16x20” print I had done came back out of focus and with no contrast, very dull (the file was 30MB at 300 ppi). So there it is. I am shooting in my apartment, there is ambient light coming in the window, but this is the best I can do with no studio. Thanks for your suggestions.
  8. Hi Brian, I’m back! And ready for your lighting recommendations. I tried being creative at home and wound up with horrible results. Can you please tell me what I need in the way of lighting to get the crisp, focused results I need? I know I’ll have to spend an arm, but maybe save my leg? Thanks Brian.
  9. Hi Damien, I paid for Kim’s class yesterday but cannot access it here. Possible problem: I gave a different username to her than mine on the forum. Can you let her know? I am eager to start her course. Thank you, David
  10. I’m ready to order the tripod and ball mount and plate. I assume I will need a different L-bracket for the D5600 from the one you recommended for the D850? Really appreciate your help Brian.
  11. Got the D5600 (body only) and the 24-120 f/4g ED VR lens.
  12. Thanks Brian. I will visit the camera shop and see which brand works for me. Then I will purchase the Canon glass you recommend, or its Nikon equivalent. Got to have those sharp photos! I will let you know. Thanks again.
  13. Already ordered from B&H. Thanks again Brian.
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