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  1. Thank you! I had poked around in those, but I guess I also had to hit another option within those to see this menu. I found it! Thank you!
  2. Hey there- I updated my PS CC and some things have moved around. In Raw, I used to be able to do lens corrections there. It appears that the whole lens correction raw panel is not there anymore. I know there is a lens correction tool on the pull down menu, but not all of the correctors are in it. Can I get that added back into the Raw menu somehow? It was so convenient.
  3. It was tough to figure out sizing. I noticed the leg looks a bit larger in perspective, but it is also closer to the camera. I was trying to compare her head size to er cousins.
  4. I have a deadline of tomorrow, so I was super close to sending the image into retouchup.com (which I am skeptical that they are better at touching up than I am. I tried them out years ago and got poor results.) But then I thought to myself, I am better than this. So I put my nose to the grindstone again. I ended up finding one other image of the girl that worked better. Here is my end result. I think it came out decently. I appreciate the time you spent looking at my image(s.). My husband kept saying that he didn't notice anything, but it was SCREAMING out to me to be fixed.
  5. Sending now. I'm sending all my saved versions as well as the CR2 soocs.
  6. So, the way I edit will make you cringe. I learned the wrong way and kind of just go with it now. Instead of a file with all the layers, I tend to have multiple flattened edits. (edit 1, edit 2 etc...). Let me see what I have to show you. hold on a sec.
  7. Ha! hold on. Let me look. Forgot that I used another pic.
  8. And here is the head that I tried to use. The session went from full light to sunset, so outdoor lighting was constantly changing. This one was taken just a few minutes before the group shot...but my light was in a different location. The little girl would not look in my direction. This is the best I could get of her.
  9. Yes! She was a tough subject. I got very few decent faces. And the ones I got had different lighting. So I need to blend it somehow but I can't see what is off.
  10. Hi there, I did a head swap (Can you tell which person?). In my opinion it sticks out like a sore thumb. I have worked on it, and worked on it, and worked on it, and I just don't see what it making it stand out to me. Can you take a peek and let me know what you think? I feel like it is probably a lighting adjustment, but every time I try to adjust shadows, mid-tones and/or highlights, it doesn't seem to fix the issue. Thank you, Shantel
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