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Where to install Adobe CC

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Hi! Tonight I made the switch from Mac to a PC. I am working to install my programs and I was reading thru your comments regarding where to store files and programs. When I start to install Adobe CC where do I want to put it? The D drive is for data I have read and C drive is for programs?  Is that correct? So where do I put it?  I am trying so hard to not mess all my files up on this computer.

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It depends on how large your C Drive is. Sometimes, manufacturers will install a really tiny SSD drive, like a 128GB version, which is really only enough room for Windows and it's updates. 

If that's the case, the software goes on the D: Drive. Other times you will have a 1TB C: Drive, and there is enough free space to install PS on the C: Drive. 

So to answer your question, "It depends..."

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