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  1. dinner shoot 1

    Rule of thumb when shooting digital that I try to use, is that shutter speed should be twice of the focal length. Back in the film days, your focal length and shutter speed where closer together 50mm was 1/60th, etc. So at 70mm, you want 1/160th or better. 200mm, 1/400th or 1/500th of a second, etc. For those reading this and have high resolution cameras, like a Nikon D850, you almost want 4 times the focal length. The more MP you have, the worse camera shake will bite you. But I’m digressing here. I have found that laying on the shutter and taking three shots consecutively...the second shot will be the one that has the sharpest focus. Especially when you are at 1/60th in low-light conditions, hand-held, such as this photo.
  2. dinner shoot 1

    It's the shutter speed causing issues. 1/60th is what killed this photo. For this shot, you could have used f/4 and got the shutter up to 1/125th. That said, with a 24-70 @ 70mm, I try not to go below 1/160th.
  3. You can use each card in the single slot, provided that both cards are formatted in-camera. Personally, I would get a new / larger card for your Fuji, this way you won’t be tempted to swap back and forth between camera bodies. Which Fuji do you have? Also, do you use a card reader? Life is so much easier when you use a card reader to download images.
  4. Kaleb plaid smile

    3rd time? Hmm...I'd start saving for a new camera body. Which make/model is your camera?
  5. 3rd boy on sidewalk

    Yep. f/2.2 will do this sort of thing and as long as the eye closest to the camera is in focus, you are fine.
  6. Kaleb plaid smile

    It looks like your lens that was used is front focusing a lot. His hands / arm closest to the camera is much more in focus than his eyes and face. If you'd like to discuss this further, post in the "DSLR Bistro" in the Ask Brian section.
  7. focus check

    Don't be afraid to use those smaller apertures. Play around with them. Just keep in mind, when you use a smaller aperture, you'll need to increase flash power. So if you were at, say 1/8th power @ f/5.6 then you would need to increase your power to 1/2 to get f/11. If you still don't have enough "Umph," either move the flash a bit closer or get a bigger light. It is very normal to be at f/11 for your main (key) light and f/8 for your second (fill) light for shots like this. Once you figure out your recipe, there will be a whole new world opened up for you.
  8. focus check

    This isn't missed focus. I think what happened is you were a bit too close to the subject, since you were at 39mm, and that's not too far off from 35mm. This decreases the Depth of Field. Had you been at 70mm (and standing further back) f/5.6 probably would have been fine. At the distance you were at, I'm thinking f/11 would have helped somewhat, maybe f/8...but am leaning towards f/11 or so. Either way, composition-wise and technical-wise, you are fine in focusing in on the closest eye.
  9. focus check

    If you want both eyes to be in focus, you'll need to stop down, since each eye is on a different focal plane. The good news is your focus is on the eye closest to the camera, so you are good.
  10. It sounds like something changed with your import settings. Open the import module and look at the top in the center of the module. Make sure Add is selected. I will bet you Move is highlighted. Then look towards the right. To My Catalog should be visible. Your Build Preview could be set to Minimal like I have my LR, or 1:1. Your choice. Also make sure there isn't something set incorrectly in the "Apply During Import" section.
  11. I agree with Damien. I highly recommend using a card reader. Don't use your camera to transfer images. I know it seems easy and it's tempting, but when things go wrong it's a real PITA to get things working again. Permission fixes, there isn't one simple method. I've gone round-and-round for hours trying to fix them. Other times I takes an hour or so. Either way I can't recommend and easy and simple fix. Oh I recommend about 75% or so for the maximum usage on any HD, internal or external. So on a 500GB drive, try not to go below 100GB full.
  12. This has nothing to do with an update to a new computer, this is basic computer maintenance. It's like not changing your car's oil for 100,000 miles and blaming the engine for failing. This will happen on your new computer as well over time.
  13. @Damien Symonds: My record: 8.95GB free out of 120GB on a Windows Server C Drive. When you scale things up, this one is pretty damn close.
  14. The reason why it's so full: Windows 10. You see, Microsoft is going to stay at "Windows 10" for quite some time. There won't be a Windows 11 or 12. There is Windows 10 - Anniversary Edition, plus a few editions in between and the next one will be Windows 10 - Creators Edition, which will be released in a few weeks. Basically, without getting too geeky, these major updates re-install the whole friggin' Windows and put your old version in a Windows.old directory on the HD. Combine that with the other update patches and system recovery points, AND your Windows Swap File (pagefile.sys) and Adobe Scratch Disk and you can run out of room pretty quickly. Especially if you are the type to "next-next-next...ok.nextnextnext...ok...finish" when installing stuff. It's getting to the point where people either need to have 4TB C Drives or must learn to pay attention. The days of, "I don't know nothin' about computers" needs to come to an end. If you don't want to install any software, you can right-click on the C Drive and select "Properties." From there you should see a button called Disk Cleanup. Click it and choose all the check boxes and run it. Warning: this will delete the backup files for windows updates plus other things, so if you need to uninstall a Windows Update, you won't be able to. If you need to go back to your old version of Windows, you won't be able to. That said, you probably have no need to do this at this point so it really doesn't matter. I'm more concerned about that HD only having a 106GB left. That's not good. At all.
  15. YES. Besides, LR has a tendency to get really cranky when the catalog file gets that big. It's good practice to keep it below 3GB at all times. Once you cross that threshold, you start venturing into unknown territory. It's so funny how people get so worked up about having "too many images" on one CF / SD card, but have no issues with having tens-of-thousands of images in a single LR catalog file! Something to think about.