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  1. I think I might run far far away from this - the local signwriter will print it - he's good though. Comment was "As big as you can do" His printer does 1200dpi
  2. Hi Damien, I’ve been asked to supply a file to be printed at 2.66m high x 1.83m wide. What resolution do I need? It’s to be the background behind a self serve library unit. I have a D800e so plenty of pixels to start with. Resizing in small increments works best doesn’t it?
  3. Thanks Brian, that's really frightening. I've had to replace the data drive twice now. I'll get onto it with my IT guy tomorrow. I see that Amazon will ship to Australia which is good. What specs should I be looking at for a new machine? Ive copied the system info and attached. Meanwhile I'll move and clean up files to get some free space Thank you - a lot!
  4. Hi Brian, Every time I try to open a file in Bridge directly from windows explorer I get this error message on uploaded image- Its been happening for months. My computer is old but fast, I think my graphics card might not be up to it. NVIDA Quadro 600. I cant find where to check the driver right now however I updated it just before Christmas when I was having this issue. The C drive - a SSD has 42.5G free of 232G The D Drive has 263G free out of 1.8T - needs a clean out. I have a Creative Cloud subscription and Bridge is up to date. Running windows 10. Another issue which may be related is that the windows 1809 update wont work for me - maybe because our internet is unreliable and limited to 5Mbps. It gets worse when the kids come home from school. The update downloads but fails to install and its a huge download. Ive had it at that point three times. Hope the solution is not buy a new computer!
  5. Hi, I treated myself to an Eizo monitor last year -it has inbuilt calibration and its wonderfull! I've recently started using my Dell wide gamut monitor as a secondary screen. I previously calibrated the Dell with my I1display pro - not sure of the process for a secondary screen- i dont want it interferring with the calibration of the Eizo. can you help me with this Damien? Thanks
  6. I finally have my catalog back! I was able to use the last backup thankfully. I used LR on my laptop to check - first I set the preferences on its catalog not to open the last catalog used - I was worried that trying the dodgy files may corrupt the laptop catalog. I opened older backups - I had 4 for February - all ok and gradually opened the latest backup and it worked! That latest backup had problems closing down on the laptop - integrity test failed but LR asked if I wanted it to repair it. Eventually after much nailbiting waiting it came up with a new good catalog. When I used a copy of this catalog on the PC I had the same corrupt error so I logged out of CC, unistalled and downloaded again. All good thank heavens! Now to separate up these images into smaller catalogs. Thanks for the support! i
  7. Can you now! Didn't know that. Have you any info ? Interesting!
  8. Yeah ive been madly backing up to a new big external. Not sure how to back up passwords though? Is there an easier way than scribbles on a note pad lol.
  9. I have that setting already Jason - load most recent. The backup opened then when i closed it and on restarting that error came back so that copy of the backup was then a dud. After that I attempted to open other backups - by clicking on the actual lrcat file - no good. I'm currently trying various dates of backups on my laptop. Im dark - I spent hours last week setting up smart collections - they will only be in the last back up. At this stage Feb 11th works on the lappy Could be worse I guess- but so much for the current suggestion going around to forget all folder structure and just use collections - what a disaster that would be!
  10. I must have messed up posting my reply Brian ....I did all that before posting here then again after reading your post - didn't work. Deletes dont show. I think it needs reloading - especially now my lightroom catalog has problems ... ive posted here too and Jason is helping me with that. Sorry for the delay!
  11. Thanks Damien, not worried about the photos or edits - they are all ok and backed up but i want my collections back!!!
  12. Hi, my LR catalog is corrupt apparently. Its huge. WIn 10 64 bit. I have a backup - from two days before - there was little extra done. I copied the backup to another drive and renamed it. It opened OK by clicking on the renamed catalog. I backed that up too. I get this message about Lightroom Fatal SQLite corruption any time I attempt to access LR through the LR Icon. its also attempting to open the original catalog not the renamed one last used. I have googled the error and the info that came up was way out of my comfort zone. Any help greatfully received!
  13. Hi Brian, I've lost my recycle bin - win 10 - I have a shortcut on my desktop to the recycle bin - it has only one file in it dated in early Jan. I have deleted lots of files and they do not show in this folder. Ive gone through settings to reset defaults. This is what shows. Goodness knows whats going on! Any suggestions?
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