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Hi Brian!


Thank you for recommending CleanMyMac. Before I click the "clean up the junk" button and get it going, how can I keep it from deleting images and videos (raw files, etc) of my own kiddos that I haven't peeked at in a while? I'm reading that it converts raws to jpgs and will clean out files that haven't been viewed in a while.


Thanks. I appreciate your help.

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If you don't use iPhoto or its evil spawn...Photos, you are fine. The Photo Junk Module only really scans the catalog files of iPhoto or Photos. Not to be confused with your Pictures Folder associated with your profile. So as long as you haven't used iPhoto or Photos to organize stuff, you should be fine. If you have created your own folders and stored the RAW files there, you are also fine.

From the CleanMyMac FAQ:

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 4.55.24 PM.png

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I would just run the Smart Cleanup and let it do its thing. You can always go into each module and uncheck things you don't want deleted, but I've only done this on a few items and I can't remember after 7 years of using this program on what i unchecked. In fact, these items were on the Version 2 of the program, not the current version 3. CleanMyMac has gotten really good over the years. So again, click Smart Cleanup, tell it to scan, then it will pop-up with its findings and if you see something that you don't want it deleting, uncheck it before hitting the "Clean" button, though in my humble opinion, you should be fine with the defaults.

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